Tuesday, May 26, 2009

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'safety and certification required by law to managerial excellence'

Milan, May 26 (Adnkronos) - Around 900 thousand each year, accidents at work in Italy, of which more than one thousand fatalities. And 'from this game as the reflection of the conference' Security and certification required by law to managerial excellence 'Certiquality organized today by the Institute of Quality Assurance', in which were detailed aspects of risk management of 'business resulting from occupational safety to environmental protection so' as to quality 'business processes.

''Today, companies-said Giordano Righini, President Certiquality-they operate in a legal and regulatory environment is much more 'complex than it was in the past. Management systems are a tool to control the risks of business management. Are now very popular in Italy (over 120,000 ISO 9001), but much remains to be done especially in terms of safety and health in the workplace (1,500 OHSAS 18001) and environment (13,000 ISO 14001).''

In industries that adopt this model breaks down the frequency rate of accidents. E 'and what' was highlighted by Dr. Anthony Terracina Inail, who explained the benefits of proper risk management. In companies with Safety Management System OHSAS 18001 certificate is recorded a reduction in the frequency of accidents by 15.4% and a 22% reduction in the severity '. During the morning Certiquality awarded 43 organizations small, medium and large size of the various sectors of the economy, which have successfully integrated and certified for Quality Management Systems', Environment and Safety with the delivery of the Certificate Excellence.