Wednesday, June 10, 2009

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Emilia Romagna - From PSR 142 million for the chain projects

The Program aims to promote the aggregation around a joint production between companies and between them and those processing and marketing of a particular production sector. Indeed the existence of these formal agreements on a reciprocal and between different actors in the food industry, is the very condition for gaining access to aid.

Areas covered

Considering the "weight" of the different productive sectors in the regional economy, but also the development prospects The PSR assigned more than 32 million € to the fruit and vegetable sector, almost 28 million to the dairy sector to about 25 million of pork and more than 23 million to wine. Exceed 8 million euro allocation for the sector of cereals, those 5 million for the sector that includes soy, fodder and seed, and the same figure is set to the poultry and eggs. Finally, just over € 4 million will go to the beef sector.

What does the contract

The notice will be published in the Official Bulletin of the Region on May 29 and includes the resolution of the Regional No 672 of May 18, 2009, by which it approved the Operational Programme shaft "Projects of the supply chain", which implements the integrated approach for access to RDP measures' Axis 1 - Competitiveness.

same time were also approved the Operational Programmes of Measures 124 "Cooperation in the development of new products, processes and technologies in agriculture, food and forestry sector" and 133 "Support for producer groups for information and promotion activities respect to products under food quality schemes "Axis 1 of the PSR.

Both measures can be activated only with how the industry and represent that action in support of the integrated system, a prerequisite for synergy with activities related to agriculture and other activities related to various production sectors.

The contributions will go from 40 to 50% of the total project investment in production for up to 70% for action at the intangible (ie cost of sales, pre-competitive research, training and management consultancy, certification quality).

Most of the resources allocated will support the modernization of agricultural holdings (72 million euro) process and product innovation in the food industry (41 million).

In order to promote appropriate forms of aggregation, the program also sets the minimum and maximum cost of a single chain project, which should not be less than 500 000 € and can not exceed 10 million €. E ', an exception (from a minimum of 200 000 to a maximum of EUR 2 million) for smaller sectors such as forestry and the organic products.

Similarly, the program also sets the minimum number of companies that have put together for each fund. You must be at least 5 companies for the dairy sector, at least 18 for fruit and vegetables. Requests for access to aid may be submitted until October 16.

The compilation and presentation of both individual instances of aid is the application for the project will die be done according to procedures laid down by Agree (4355 No determination of April 18, 2008) and using the OS Practices (SOP) and specific forms available on the website of the same.

The deadline for submitting applications is set peremptorily to 16 October 2009, so the assumption of semi-electronic submission, with the assignment of protocol at the regional offices, applications must be submitted to the Service Aid for firms not later than 13.00 on expiration day.

Applications sent by post, private courier or delivery agencies must comply with this deadline, so this form of submission is at the sole risk of the sender if for any reason, the package did not culminate in these services in a timely manner.