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"The new security policy: Leg. 81/08, as amended. Starting Points Assessment Machinery Directive "

have been published on the website ISPESL acts of an interesting conference: "The new security policy: Leg. 81/08, as amended. Starting Points for evaluation of the machinery directive.

Speeches June 18

* "Evolution of the legislation on the activities of verification"

V. Mazzocchi - ISPESL / DTS

* "The work of certification and verification of products and systems in the light of Dlgs.81/08"

F. Ricci - ISPESL / DCC

* "Safety Management System - Guidelines UNI-INAIL-ISPESL"

G. Giannelli - ISPESL Department of Milan

* "The fire risk assessment under the Consolidated"

C. Turton - Provincial Command of the Fire Department Alexandria

* "The Role of ARPA in the Consolidated"

A. Robotti - Executive Manager of the complex structure SC03 ARPA

* "The role and activities of the Piedmont Region"

S. La Monica - Piedmont Region Health Department

* "The role of inspection SPRESAL"

R. Zanelli - Director of ASTI SPRESAL ASL 19

Posts 19 June

* "The evolution of standards on safety at work and news of the Consolidated"

V. Hammers - V-Unit Director of General Affairs, the assembly of litigation and 'ISPESL

* "Framework on the European scene"

G. Bianchi - National President of AIAS

* "Title III - The safety requirements for work equipment and the evolution of technical standards"

L. Tomassini - ISPESL / DTS

* "The safety of the wineries in the area"

L. Di Donato - ISPESL / DTS

* "Experiences of SPRESAL in Piedmont"

L. Modonutti - SPRESAL

ALBA CUNEO 2 * "The main changes introduced by the new Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC"

E. Borzelli - ISPESL / DTS

* "The assessment of conformity of machinery used in the new Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC"

L. Monica - ISPESL / DTS

* "Innovations in scenario and prospects of the Consolidated for the safe management of work equipment"

M. Alvino - Ministry of Labour, Health and Social Affairs - DG - Division VI - Security

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