Tuesday, April 27, 2010

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software for the management of the quality system

In a single cd-rom the tools to deal with security and speed the work of a certified company.

ONLY € 87.30 + VAT per

software collection software to manage the following activities:

1) training
2) management and evaluation of the attitudes of staff
3) inspections
4) the cost of quality
5) Complaints management
6) Document Management
7) Management of measuring instruments
8) Managing suppliers

1) Training doc - software to manage the training of workers (also useful for managing training requirements for a safe work) - see the information

2) Management and evaluation of personnel. Application in Access that allows you to carry out the assessment of the attitudes of staff as required by paragraph 6 of standard - see manual

3) management audits. The software to manage the activities of Internal Audit

4) Management costs that will apply in Microsoft Excel which allows you to monitor the monthly cost of quality and not quality. The file is modified by the user - see presentation

5) Complaints management - software to manage complaints procedure. - See presentation
example report1 - report2 - report3 - report4 -

6) Document Management - software to manage quality-system documentation

7) Management of measuring instruments - Ge.Stru.Me - - see manual

8) Managing suppliers - Excel Spreadsheet for the automated management of suppliers in accordance with ISO 9001:2008 - Management of suppliers allows the evaluation total of each supplier, taking into account the non-compliance monitored in the period reviewed - Screenshot 1 - Screenshot 2

requirements of software in the collection management ISO 9001:2008 -
PC with Windows XP or higher - 300 MB of free space HD - Presence of MS Excel or OpenOffice, for some applications.
License to install on 3 PC business

Management ISO 9001:2008 is an indispensable tool ISO 9001:2008 certified for companies as it allows for better management of quality in all its aspects, practical and operational.
E 'was chosen by a number of organizations certified to the direct cost reduction of quality, time savings in the management of bureaucratic requirements and ease of use of software.

Specials at € 699 + VAT instead of € 899.00 plus VAT - € 200 discount ie