Saturday, June 26, 2010

Sorority Innitiations

PGT - The plan of the junta municipal Binaghi

Binaghi Tuesday, June 22 the council has failed to approve the Plan of Government of the territory, after the adoption of 19 December.

The Democratic Party, thanks to the parent Carla Peak, said he was not, as was the adoption. The plan is deficient in subsidized housing, concentrated in via Lamarmora, while everyone knows that has to be as scattered, in order to better respond to the needs of young couples and others; lack bike lanes, especially on the road towards the Station and Sardinia, the parent company reached a peak the old plan!
There would be something to say about the transformation of areas, concentrated near the exit to the north of Brown Boffalora-Malpensa, with a gateway (via Manzoni), which is everything except the city gate, as defined in plan document.

citizens have submitted 142 comments, which the Democratic Party has in most cases a vote of abstention, also saw the extremely tight timetable for delivery of the same, Thursday, June 17 after 16 hours!

Andrea Scampini - Councillor PD

Hiv After 3 Months After Rapid Hiv Test

Resolutions - May 2010

few resolutions that we have really interesting harvest month of May, after the discussion of the final account in 2009 which showed once again the portrait of a country where investment and funds are lagging behind. Certainly much of the blame must be the now infamous Stability Pact, even though we continue to believe that the stability pact should not mean zero costs, but simply means to create simple and useful although probably of lesser impact, instead of pharaonic projects that continue to starve.

Among the resolutions to address the administrative and legal aid, however, three stand out acts that have struck our attention: the first two are, as we are accustomed to publishing, financial contributions to the associations to which the municipality shall provide legal aid .

The first act of this brief overview is then n.63, with the subject "Granting legal aid and contributions to society Bienate Magnago volleyball for Sports initiative." In particular, following the request made by the company to organize a sports event in the recreational gym Bien, shall be decided on the granting of legal aid and a contribution of 200 euros max. The second resolution is instead No 64, "Granting legal aid and economic contribution to the body's Music S. Cecilia."

In this case, the initiative has sponsored the celebration on 5 June, to mark the 90th anniversary of the foundation of a band Magnahese, which has resulted in a concert in St. Michele. Given the scale of the event, the contribution allocated amounts to 2000 Euro.
Finally we report Resolution No. 62, on the "Authorization for the Social Centre for Elderly use of third of the computer lab, in this case be granted for a course of training to employees in layoffs.

The initiative is certainly commendable, and we hope you can follow many other similar. But let us return to ask, as we already noted at the time the laboratory had been set up, if there is not really the best logistics solutions of a limited amount of space on the first floor of the center for the elderly. Perhaps, again, as we had already proposed by those PCs would could finally give the library a center of information actually available to citizens' demands, and today Magnago have one more service in areas more appropriate.

Gabriele Colombo - Head website and PD Magnago Bienate

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Why Does Cartman's Voice Sound Different

Marchisio Italy anthem video video

Marchisio edll'inno change the words of Italy? We do not seem to you to judge

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Joint Birthday Invitation

drop Valentino Rossi Mugello 2010 tibia and fibula fracture

drop Valentino Rossi Mugello 2010 tibia and fibula fracture here is the video

Thursday, June 3, 2010

How A Gamma Camera Works

how to throw Urban Terror

In Urban Terror, you can throw the knife. For a first press run
(select knife), and then press "N" (select the launch). Then pressing the mouse button you launch it.
Have fun!