Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Do It Yourself Dune Buggy

Unicredit decapitated

A few days ago we learned of the resignation of Alessandro Profumo, CEO of Unicredit, the third European bank with more than 160,000 employees. Unicredit Who controls? Libyan Investment Authority with 2.59%, Central Bank of Libya with 4.98%, Aabar Fund with 4.99%, 4.02% Black Rock, Allianz 2.04%, 4.63% Cariverona Foundation, Foundation CRT 3.31% Carimonte Holding 3.04%, 0.8% Cassamarca Foundation, one of the private family Pesenti Family Maramotti 0.5% and 1.1%.

Unicredit is one of the few competitive in the Italian system, with widespread presence in Eastern Europe, where the Italian companies are very front row, and where trade with our country is strong. The passage of proxies to Scent Dieter Rampl inevitably displace the axis of decision Unicredit from Milan to Germany. In Rampl spring, when it came to decide the new organization of the bank, had assumed the role of mediator between the shareholders and Italian perfume. It might seem strange that in some cases it has transformed him foreign representative of the needs of large Italian members.

A Bouquet German media commentators and reserve military honors. Katharina Kort, a columnist for the financial newspaper Handelsblatt, said the behavior of linear fragrance that can create anything from the third European banking group to ensure their navigation during the financial crisis without state aid. To get it off an absurd game of power, masked with a pretext, the Libyan affair.

In the same idea, the other German business daily, Financial Times Deutschland: "Italy is losing its most international managers and independent, a man who does not confuse politics with the economy and that is perhaps too modern for his country. "

Andrea Scampini - Councillor PD

Gays Cruzing In Fort Worth

San Siro will also open the evening with new restaurants and shops

The city of Milan is famous in the world, besides for his hard work and generosity, for three things the Duomo, the fashion and its stadium, San Siro, which, according to the latest figures, is the monument of Milan's most visited by foreigners. Now change the face of San Siro, also wants to live in the small hours.

La Junta Milan has in mind to approve an agreement between the City Council, owner of the stadium and the consortium San Siro 2000, a representative of Inter and Milan, which operates the plant with a rent of € 7 million. The big news is the extension only for the next five years the proportion which regulates the rent no more than 50% common and 50 for maintenance work, but the rent cash will fall to 30% of the total, while the portion of the work on deduction will rise to 70%, or 1.5 million per year more to be allocated to modernize the plant.

With this convention, and Inter Milan will invest more in the stadium, but why are so many things to do, cover, ramps and safety equipment including the first and second ring, as well as an expansion of the Museum also media to the first floor. The final objective is the realization of restaurants and shops, as well as to live San Siro until late at night.

Andrea Scampini - Councillor PD

Monday, September 20, 2010

How To Convert Sdhc To A Sd

Today and yesterday are the same thing. Tomorrow?

Hi! How are you?
not think this is a question of courtesy to which if you answer 'well' steps to rude!?
obviousness aside. No one wants to know. No one wants to know what it means to have the deadlines are not met is not going to pay € 5 more next time, as in the case of bills. No one wants to know what it means when the missed deadlines could alter the course of your future neighbor.
I think the tag 'future' will be the most popular in this blog. You know why? In case you dont know, I will become obsessed.
You know those beautiful licks that sometimes appear on facebook with those pretty faces next to that illustrious bimbominchia precisely because they know, someone slightly less bimbominchia them posted next to the epic phrases [like Oscar Wilde and people of similar level now appears to have spent his life writing about Baci as Moccia], those lovely licks type
"there are two days that I never think about yesterday and tomorrow "or
, or my favorite:
" carpe diem "or even
" Life flies, so do not try more than it gives you the joy of the moment and rushed to enjoy it "
these 'aphorisms' do not do much for me.

without projects I'm dead. I tried not to make, to live day by day. I can not! I'd like to pussy around and say that I I do not care, I drink a beer while lying on a bench not knowing what time it is, I'd like to tell everyone that I'm free .. I do not think that .. I do not mind .. Like hell! I care. And how if I care. How does he not care? In the future we have to spend my life!
then stacked project after project, without deeds, in search of clear ideas. Who has clear ideas in the fog? If you think the world think of something small, with so much fog.
The fact that they had a puzzle of the world hung in the room since I was small, perhaps because I was always the idea of \u200b\u200bbeing able to 'master' s a bit. Not to be afraid, because I had built myself.
I just afraid of feeling caged, that's why I do projects, to always have a new idea, always a way out. Maybe.
Or perhaps because, as my friend, my brain can not keep still. Do not make it.
So before I finish the exams, I could not wait to get to the moment when I just worked on my thesis. Now this is becoming a nightmare, and the end closures and the loss of inspiration are nightmares. And I can not wait to finish.
Meanwhile I rejoice at the thought of 'what will I do after graduation,' dead at times when I despair of the white pages of word, so when someone tries to spoil my already tenuous psychological balance with questions about the graduate [the moment uncertain for everyone] I know what to say. I programmed all the possibilities and all options, from here one year. I'm sick. I admit.

But now I must confess shamelessly, what is the thing that puts forward in the midst of these projects do not get there. You may be under 30 [a while 'eh below] and have an uncontrollable fear of death?
I have never suffered from hypochondria, I never imagined strange diseases, do not go to the doctor two hundred times a week [even if I go there once every two years is so].
But I find myself feeling on the verge of death. And then I start to move in a hurry, forget about it. As if he could move quickly disorient death. And 'that, you know, if you bother me my plans went up in smoke. In short, the projects that you can not bequeath it to someone.
I did a lot of things, But not enough to stop it? It is not enough. I am greedy for life. And the more I fall in love and more I'm afraid of losing it.
A little 'as when you sit with someone and you always fear that the love idyll ends.
And the thing that annoys me a bit 'is that I think bimbiminchia' carpe diem 'is a kind of sole river. I know that means I do not know how to use it, this maxim!
many things I would say to people, taking one thousand moments. If I lose all occasions and even then I do not have the space to create new ones, then again I will not use anyway? If I die and then not tell I never said these things to these people that I miss very much, because I, with the moments, we quarrel? Patience .. I arrange me .. They are beautiful things eh! however, relate to social relations. And I no I in them, but sorry, I'm really denied!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Counseling Statements Monthly Army

I'm a fan Stefano Boeri

Sunday, November 14 there will be the long-awaited primary to select a candidate to oppose Mayor Letizia Moratti for the race at Palazzo Marino. The three contenders are: Stefano Boeri, known Milanese architect, economist brother Tito, a columnist for La Repubblica, a professor at Bocconi University, Ballarò face of television.

Valerio Onida, former president of the Constitutional Court and Giuliano Pisapia, a lawyer, a former member of the Communist Refoundation.

If I vote, I would not have the slightest doubt as to give my preference to Stefano Boeri because Milan needs in view of the Expo to a person who knows what to do, do not forget that the Boers realized Masterplan Expo. The greatest chance for Milan to be led by someone who knows where to put their hands to put it quite raw. Then I hope that, once elected, Stefano Tito convince his brother to make assessor budget, possibly as external Milan, as well, would see their money well managed!

I think the Democratic Party has chosen the best person, I hope everything is united around the party to allow him to Stephen a good statement in the primaries in November.

Andrea Scampini - Councillor PD

Cell Bright Ume Update

School: Passion Week

In Lombardy the school officially began Monday, September 13, and like every year things are not yet all in place. In my article I do not want to address the Reform Gelmini, who so far has led to reductions in crazy amounts to over 8 billion euro, as required by the person who holds the purse strings, that Tremonti.

I want to focus, instead, the focus on who is waiting to be seen given the Chair, and at the same time on those (students) that gave free rein to the imagination, thinking about who will occupy the chair empty. Colosio had assured the superintendent that September 13 would be assigned all the chairs, so it was not. After the first official convocation of the superintendency, in these days following the convening of the so-called code, that is, those who have chosen as a second home a school board, ad. example, the Superintendency of Milan, which always offers interesting job opportunities.

After the call queue, the word will go to the principals for the allocation of seats still vacant. If all goes well, by next week we should be fully operational. Hold on and hope the phone rings.

Andrea Scampini - Councillor PD

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Bmw 328i License Plate Red

motivational letters.

As I told the previous speaker, is desperately seeking an internship. I'm sending question after question and you do not deny to be sure they will all fail a whole. In the meantime, although I am a pessimist Capricorn, Capricorn is also a stubborn, so I continue to believe and groped.
To participate in most of international internships, the application takes place by filling your cv in the destination site. Then enter your personal details, and other personal information [some also want to know your emotional situation, in short, are very nosy] what school you did, that universities have done, the average university [if you're not, like me, graduated] or degree grade [if you are]. Then sometimes they want to know the individual votes of your exams, almost always if you have made other apprenticeships, if you have work experience, if you know how to use and know how to use the PC. And fundamental trait of which I have already mentioned, if you know any language.

My innermost desire, but not too hidden, would be able to tick the 'Arab' with a 'mediocre' close. Instead I'm pleased with my French and English, because both the Latin and greek are not text.

But we come to the fundamental point, the last stage of your application, and subject topic of this post: MOTIVATIONAL LETTER.

time ago I downloaded the examples of motivational letters from the web, just to get an idea .**


Dear Doctor / Dear Doctor,
Subject: Curriculum vitae. I would like to submit you my candidacy
hoping to have the features that correspond to
recruitment currently underway.
Given my training and my skills, I'd be particularly interested,
to a post in the field ... ... ... ... ... where I think I express myself better.
To this end, I enclose my curriculum vitae with this and be made available for any clarification
and a possible interview.

Name Last Name Address City Zip

Dear Mr. ...., Dr. Gent.ma ....,

in response to the announcement, which appeared today on the attachment "XXX"
of the magazine "YYY", I send my curriculum vitae.
are in possession of qualifications and skills that you
request: ___ I have gained years of experience in
____________________________a, the task of
are therefore strongly interested in participation in the selection for the position you
sought, holding that
constitutes an excellent opportunity to grow professionally in this field.
I look forward to your kind response and I offer my most

Then, consider the first letter. Simple, concise, no frills. It 's a bit on my style. I mean, I'm young, I dream, I want to live, I quit a job to pay fixed forever in pursuit my ambitions [but then you tell him you do these things?], everything that I want to say is this: "this thing that I offer is very close to my life's work and even if you do not pay me and I exploit them to 'nth power not to get up and never let me do km with cappuccino in hand, who cares, at least try the thrill of having achieved a goal, even if they prove to be a chimera. " This makes me want to tell him! This is the truth!

I mean, the second letter does not look a bit 'arrogant? If I were the employee to human resources, I would think that a guy who has said he can do all that is beautiful, good, good, kind and sympathetic sia invece un peccatore di modestia, superbo e ciarlatano. [E' che io sono sempre dalla parte del debole, un po' come Robin Hood].

Però poi penso anche che se fossi un impiegato delle risorse umane alle prese con queste benedette lettere motivazionali [soprattutto dove c'è in ballo un posto da tirocinante che non prevede retribuzioni] e trovassi la lettera di una Candy Candy qualsiasi che sogna ad occhi aperti di fare le fotocopie per qualche segretaria di qualche ufficio minore del Palazzo di Vetro, insomma non so nemmeno questa quanto attecchirebbe.

Insomma queste lettere motivazionali sono un gran casino.
Se dici che sei brava ti potrebbero rispondere 'questo lo decido io'
Se dici che sei motivata 'con the reasons we rinse our feet I '
If you do not say nothin' You are an anonymous'.

But really if I'm asking this question, it is implied that I am interested in this stuff? do not you think?
And then, when I say that I can do this and that, not mica'll send you a letter via fax notary assures you that. For certified capacity is the hp is not enough?
So what do they know these poor guys who have to take the time to spend hours immersed in the letters of motivation?

I tried to imagine something serious this time. That is, what the officials of Human Resources is seeking a blend between the concept expressed in the first letter and that expressed in the second.

1) The slogan must be: simplicity.
Accompanied by: incisiveness. And brevity and conciseness.
2) Express your own personal reasons. Probably because they want to know. Here, however, it takes more effort [to be brief and just are all capable] of originality. Do not give the real reason, especially considering the fact that your will because almost identical to that of the other candidates 828mila. Originality '. But do not ask how. The originality of speech should belong to the personality of the candidate. The style should say something about you.
3) Leave the presumption. Of course we must introduce yourself and tell him. But instead to talk about their practical skills [which are verified in the field, and being different from each experience, it is impossible to be sure of being able in that context, simply because I still do not know], you could emphasize the human qualities, type determination, courage, patience, and things like that. Bearing in mind that what you got then prepared [or should] say it is your CV.

are short week that I lose sleep on motivational letter in any language. I hope I have found the right answers as possible. But if you have other suggestions are welcome!

** The letters-example above belong the site and http://oggilavoro.com http://www.cvlavoro.com/

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Diagnosing Cystic Fibrosis


Today is Sunday. The Sunday schedule your week, you clean your agenda. Or do you care. Depends on who you are. I'll tell you, I have no idea what it means to live in the present. I am a woman of the future. Live shot in the future, basking in the projects and despair of my aspirations and abused by this consumer society in crisis who has drawn almost every opportunity.
As you know at certain times every day is Sunday. He always thinks of planning, design, define your goals. I will speak for most of this period in which aspirations are grown, one in which the people contributes to proliferate your perennial state of anxiety with those very funny questions like "oh good, I graduate! and then what do you do?" What the hell do I know??? I will talk about my own personal time.

The ultimate goal today is to post-graduate
1) find a stage that comes close for at least 50% of what you want to do in life
2) hope that there are places available
3) pass the interview, audition, assessment that will allow you to take part.
If these three stages will be tackled successfully [1% of the time] you will end up working for free [or, if you like luxury, underpaid] without a refund or free school meal, to a considerable distance from home actually doing photocopies and making coffee at one that does what the 50% is the job of your dreams.
Ten years ago, when I was still young, or at least I felt it before, in other words, the time I escaped from under his feet and I had not thought of these, the degree was an asset, more or less enough that. Today
graduation is sometimes even a nuisance. If you're not qualified "she is not for us." Then you rightly decide to qualify. Go to three years, then a specialist, then with the thesis, then make that master from € 10,800 per year. So if you're a leg 30 years are "moderately" qualified.
Now that you're qualified, " I'm sorry but look for someone of his age but with behind at least three years of work experience. "
But one, let's face it, when he finds time for work experience if he has spent the last 12 years of his life to qualify?

So, how do you?
If you have just graduated, you have little experience. If you have a master, you can not participate in this internship. If you do not know English, you have to go abroad. But you can not do internships abroad, if you do not know English. If you do not take you too, you're too little snub you. If you are prepared you away if you are not, do not assume.

these circumstances I am, one month and half after graduation [barring accidents] I spend my days looking for calls for applications for internships around the world, to fill out application and send resume. Because if there is something I hate doing nothing. And I qualify too specialized. And in the meantime I lose time living with the anxiety of the future that I strangle the breath in my throat and my work on this [in a nutshell is a few lines on the thesis I also write from time to time, or write it down because it's already all in my head].
But finally after all these dreams of "glory" (what does not work for free if a dream of glory, after all?), I find myself in ten years to make photocopies and making coffee to someone who does not carry anywhere near the work of my life [and perhaps even of his], with the anxiety of the future, so live today, pulled down by the frustration of this resignation.

I wish you good Sunday !!!!!!!! [All'unieuro'm going to buy a kilo of optimism]

How To Stop Jandels Squeaking

impossible not to communicate

EHM. Hello.

Then start talking about me now. You could argue 'why should I care'. But this is my blog. Then talk about me.
I'm one that always finds a reason to feel uneasy. I am one that always feels a bit 'in default. That's always an excuse to feel guilty. Not being perfect I take issue with conflicting emotions. This situation of human being ... I love and hate.
I open this blog because .. in fact not be a blog theme. But I think having to justify my choice. I am a human being of female gender, I BIIP years old student of Communication Science, better known as the "science of unemployment", but in life I want to do anything, certainly not the tissue. I got there late, but I got there. In October 2007 I started my adventure education.
may seem sad to say, but it changed my life. Millemila for a number of other reasons related to my life besides my cultural background. Perhaps I should study something like political science or international relations. But over three years ago I have a better idea and more confused together, and however, are a different person and I did not regretted a single second of my choice, whatever people may say this option. And, above all, though my university is located in a small town in the middle of nowhere, that most people do not even know how the province, besides not having the slightest idea of \u200b\u200bwhere you are.
So three years ago I picked up my first book and I am here today to write my thesis, finished with exams and many hours of study [but also laughter, booze, independent living, tears, nervous breakdown, the occupants of fellow students] in the trunk.

short study of communication sciences and since it is impossible not to communicate [Cit.] I feel the need to communicate and talk about this period [history of my life, politics, two years before the end of the world, etc..] For me is that it most likely has a ghostly person happy, despite some small ( or giant) Neo, but who does not? Above all I am happy because I am a person on hold.
not a child, but something that will still be my creature. That is my future. I'm in trouble [not Mark] for years and finally the time has come.

Ok finished the preamble also conclude my first post on this nice blog. Although it is purely coincidental, the opening of this blog coincides with the anniversary of last time of historic turning point in Western history. That is, with 11.
September 11 is the theme of my thesis.