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Formigoni takes time but is already scrambled to the central site. Among the possible sites even on the verge of closing Legnano

While the Regional Council in the case of central bursts, all eyes are on the maps on a dossier of Lombardy and the Ministry of Development. Romans Paul has even talked about one, maybe two nuclear power plants in Lombardy.

Formigoni not close the match but he is cautious: "Lombardy has almost achieved energy self-sufficiency, so now there is no need of power. In pole position among the likely sites, the area between the provinces of Cremona and Mantua, along the shaft of the Po, which would ensure sufficient volumes of water for cooling. He then speaks of the Bresciano and the province of Como.

scientific use in nuclear reactors have been active in Ispra, Pavia and Legnano. To clear up the possibility of having a central nell'Altomilanese Podesta is the President, but raised wood as possible incubator of nuclear research and production of components for centrali.Il debate is on: contrary Penati (Pd) openings by the UDC. According to the UDC Marcora, lower the cost of energy in Lombardy, would increase the competitiveness of our companies.

The League in 2008 had a debate in the party and made the decision that nuclear power should be raised. According to the League's Castle, Deputy Minister for Infrastructure, to be relaunched Caorso, historic nuclear power plant in Emilia, on the border with Lombardy. In four years may be reactivated. Municipalities that host plants have great economic advantages: the proceeds will benefit the plants.

Andrea Scampini

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

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is a real risk. Movibus, the public transport company serving Magenta, and Abbiatense Castanese, could not see the dawn of the new year.

If things go on like this, in December the service will be restored to the Province of Milan. The mayors are already on alert. The losses are too large to continue. Losses of 0.36 € per kilometer. Despite good management, attention to subscriptions and paid tickets, you can not make ends meet because the funding must come from the Province of Milan in 2003 and are stuck with the increases fuel that have occurred in recent years really can no longer go on. So far we have tried to provide the service through the losses with the destruction of social capital, but in December there will be this possibility.

Movibus showed suffered financial difficulties and, at the end of summer, the company wrote to the Province to announce that it is no longer able to bear the costs, the contract could not do more . For its part, the province has asked to be provided with the official documents confirming the increased costs, but stated that the essential public service that can not be interrupted without serious consequences to elapse.

Andrea Scampini - City Council Pd

Thursday, October 14, 2010

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Letter of Julius dancing on the situation of Italian universities

dear Laura, dear graduate of Politecnico di Milano,

as well known are difficult times for the University and for our University. I'm glad to let you know below the letter I wrote to our students and information linking to the site of the Polytechnic there is a pdf document (the "Annex") on the situation of the university.


Giulio Ballio

Dear Student, Dear Student,
In the last two years we are witnessing a smear campaign, more intense and aggressive with regard to the Italian university and all those who honestly there operate.
It 'campaign which threatens us all deeply discouraging and especially those young people who have been admitted or just wishing to enter it.
It 'campaign, which may cause legitimate doubts as you and your families.
Often people I meet ask me if it is real that the picture is represented by the many speeches given by the media, or whether we are witnessing, perhaps without realizing it, lacking confidence in an attack aimed at the state universities.
appears legitimate to doubt that there is a desire to replace the 'public university with a private system, devastating the expectations of more than half a million Italian households.
We, who are both teachers and researchers, we feel deeply offended because you want to de-legitimize their own before the community we have chosen to serve with our work and our sacrifices. These attempts to discredit
hurt all of us who believe in the university, which will work to train and ferry you to young people from secondary school to employment, to do research and serve our country where we still believe. We are losing enthusiasm, urge us to do the minimum required, separate us from the desire to work in a service that we chose and where we still believe. We want to respond only because, otherwise, we would do the game of who wants to destroy us by depriving them of that freedom, which alone allows you to do research and teach young people.
These days we talk of unrest researchers, the request for suspension of classes, will not take lessons, of claims by people that may seem lucky because they still have a job, but to which you are taking away that hope that led them to refrain from activities more profitable to begin the work that we, the oldest, has always seemed the best job in the world doing research while teaching young people.
career expectations of younger people are disappointed. For more than three years are not banned from competitions to pass a researcher and associate professor to full professor and one can not reasonably predict the number of years will still have to pass before these competitions are banned. Not to grow old without hope many talented young people are winning competitions for professor positions at universities abroad and those who go away are not replaced by foreign colleagues wishing to come to work in Italy.
There are prevented from doing research with foreign colleagues, even if we manage to make us by a public or private financing for a new legislative framework requires to spend in work assignments less than half that spent in 2009.
We are allowed to continue to provide training to date appreciated by the world of work because a recent ministerial decree stipulates a reduction of courses and degree courses, regardless of the number of students enrolled. Perhaps our university will be forced to reduce enrollment or to close educational activities which to date have met the needs of the territories in which the school is present.
There is a proposed Bill which, though necessary, make some critical points:

- the imposition of forms of government of the University very different from those adopted by us in the last decade that have allowed us to grow in reputation International

- the obligation to recruit faculty from other universities in a country that is doing everything to counter the mobility due to the lack of services provided

- heavy uncertainty over the fate of young researchers who work with us for the lack of planning in the progression of their careers

- lack of attractiveness of academic careers for the younger generation confronted with a series of fixed-term contracts that increases their sense of insecurity.

The approval of a law which took no account of this criticism is a multi-university funding could result in a current situation even worse.
How do you handle a university or make an appropriate programming when still do not know the amount of funding State of the Polytechnic for the year 2010?
This letter is born from the desire to share with you these feelings, to ask for your understanding, to search for your solidarity.
All of us want to continue the mission of the Polytechnic that for almost 150 years we have been entrusted, but we can not be left alone at the mercy of someone using a lawnmower to do the whole with the same brush, regardless of cut in one pass the dry grass, the green and the flowers have grown.
It 's just the ability to distinguish the good grain from the weeds that, together with you, regardless of any political faith, we would ask our country. We want which is not destroyed all the good we have, we strongly urge that we invest even on what is good to make it even better.
Probably many of you are asking a number of questions such as: What is the autonomy of the university? Universities are all the same? Who financially supports the university? Because teachers do research? What are the duties imposed by law for university teachers? How do you recruit a university professor? The Italian research is so low as it is painted? It 's true that our universities are far behind in international rankings? The Barons still exist? The so-called 3 +2 is a disaster? What do you mean legal title?
These and other questions, which you propose to write will be answered on the site Polimi in the coming weeks. Sincerely Giulio


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News goalunited 2011

Here's some news goalunited 2011
1) The games will be every 3 days (2 league and 1 national cup), the championships will be increased from 10 to 12 teams.
Championships enlargement entails a change in the system of promotions. Goalunited From 2011 onwards, all the series champions will be promoted directly, without playing the playoffs
Four teams from each group to recede directly.
teams reached between the 7th and 8th place in the upper row, the second challenge in the lower division playoffs.

2) The season will last 12 weeks then, so in the future in a calendar year will be played 4 seasons of OJ.

3) you can watch the matches live and make changes (eg change form and commitment to freshness, substitutions of players tired or ammonium).

4) the skills will be assembled in just 4 skills. . + We will not know if such technique has reached 100 and I no longer need to practice.