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The '80s and '90s to the present day


In the eighties we witnessed a completely new redefinition of the profession of the designer. Was not enough to be a good craftsman and create garments of excellent workmanship and quality, but, following the example of more sophisticated strategies Advertising, give a captivating image of their product. With the development of the Internet every brand he created his own website, and not just to attract attention, but for some the most popular products such as jeans, to sell them directly. It developed the race to fitness, and also for younger people were created casual clothing taken from sportswear. The success of Made in Italy in this period was derived also by skilful marketing strategies. Milan, the industrial center of the peninsula, snatched the palm of the fashion capital in Turin , Florence and Rome . They became famous designers like Giorgio Armani , Missoni , Gianfranco Ferre , Gianni Versace , Dolce & Gabbana and Krizia . The ideal of feminine beauty was inspired by the sporting woman, slender, muscular and ambitious, successful in both the private and the public, thanks to the fact that they are always dressed appropriately. Just impersonated Madonna This belief, that it was possible to shape their bodies through aerobics, bodybuilding, diets and beauty care. The shoulders of women's clothing grew larger and inflated, the ubiquitous duo-jacket suit with briefcase briefcase. The type of woman manager, not more feminine and delicate, but tough and ruthless at work.

Among the types of clothes that take hold in this period include: the business suit, dress in two pieces of inspired male initially widespread in England. To this was added a masculinization Apparel radical newness, short skirt, which came even to discover the knees. The imitation of men's was more determined then use the skirt and accented with up to identify what in sports.

The modern cult of Sanitation, the ever-growing interest for the sport, giving rise to a true sporting fashion. Today more than ever the fashion industry gives rise to a flourishing, to footwear, to felt, the jewelry, cosmetics, which owe their growth to the fact that the popular classes are in fashion. The sales market has expanded so enormously, and is of great importance for Italy from the economic point of view, for the quantity, quality and value of products exported worldwide. Today, fashion is becoming more personal, we choose the colors, patterns, accessories to be worn without reference, in most cases, dictated the fashions of the moment.

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municipal resolutions - November 2010

n.128 Over time, the extraordinary contribution to the administration required the elderly community center, which was deepened by director Scampini latest issue of Theseus (and on our website), we can find other interesting topics sifting, as usual, the municipal deliberations last month, we start from the No. 120, with the subject "Granting legal aid and assistance to the Pro Loco Bienate Magnago for organization of the eleventh mushroom show, which was held on October 17, 2010. In this case the contribution shall be allocated to 1600 €, with advertising by the Pro site.

Other initiatives were the subject of deliberations in the month of October, the number 125, for example, regards the granting of legal aid and assistance statement to the parish of St. Michele for the organization of the traditional film club, which will run from October 2010 to February 2011: the budget fielded by the winter film festival amounted to € 1500, certainly a first step to offering screenings with tickets at cost, which families and children can move to the cinema. One step still may be too small when you consider the costs incurred for a number of successful initiatives summer of doubt. We hope that this road made of simple and useful initiatives, without pharaonic projects, can be beaten by more and more in the future.

Finally we report the resolution n.134, authorizing the installation of a prefabricated metal at the sports ground for use as the weight room and storage. A project whose costs were borne entirely by the sports club Bienate Magnago (which still receives, annually, financial support by the municipality).

The PD Magnago Bienate and was very interested in recent times, the state of our sports facilities, which would need, in our view, investment much higher than that for more than a prefab. We think it is necessary to develop an ambitious project to support and growth of the various sports of our common reality, for children and young people of our common can be educated in the best way to the culture of sport.

Gabriele Colombo - Head website

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What The Colorful Braclets Mean

From 1950 to 1970


Over the years players were for the first time, teen-agers which were distinguished from adults for clothing: jeans, t-shirts, sweaters, leather jackets, sportswear or scruffy look, and for men, pomade on his head. The fortunes of the jeans was still an important phenomenon that influences fashion. The garment was used since the mid-nineteenth century as a working uniform, for the strength of its fabric, secured with double stitching and metal rivets. In Europe, women are tired of wearing clothes and turned out of their mothers fashion models and copied by women's magazines with the help of patterns and providential seamstresses. If Paris was still calling the shots, was born in Florence the Italian fashion industry, Paris said, however, still reads: Dior launched collections that were inspired by letters of the alphabet, such as the H line with life moved on the sides and elongated torso. Then there were the line Y and line A, while the evening dresses were usually long to the foot. In 1957, the year of his death, Dior revolutionized fashion with the line still lot, which created quite a stir because it hid the whole of the waist. Revisited his legendary Coco Chanel suits, the jacket without a collar and a simple and straight skirt. Was always she who threw the shoe Chanel, without the heel and toe with a different color: it was an alternative to the stiletto heels that battered the mid-fifties the feet of many women. During the same period grew more and more the fashion for leisure. On the beaches made his first appearance on bikini swimsuit in two pieces. Pants continued their march to success: they were used for summer sports and skiing. The shirt has always been considered poor material and popular, began to be part of the collections. With the death of Dior, Yves Saint Laurent became director of the house. His first collection was an overwhelming success: line trapezoidal was fresh, young and basically a continuation of the Bag Dior.


was the period of the Vietnam War, the currency of the protesters was a total rejection to the elite world of fashion parkas, scarves, jeans torn, baggy sweaters, sneakers. Many clothes were borrowed from the uniforms of war, including the famous Montgomery, wool jacket closed with heavy braid of the Royal Navy, or the t-shirt, invented by the U.S. Navy as a singlet for the soldiers. England Beat music, represented by Beatles and the Rolling Stones, had the ability to aggregate millions of teenagers, who copied the clothes of their favorite idols. The Beatles wore tight pants and shorts, shrunken jackets, nineteenth-century uniforms with shoulder pads, ankle boots. The Stones, more angry, they preferred satin shirts and pants, necklaces and bracelets, and wore make-up. For both groups were very important and long hair tousled, which for more than a century were forbidden to men, bright colors and shiny gray suit replaced the middle class. The new female stereotypes were never the actresses in Hollywood, but the mannequins of fashion magazines: underweight, with light skin and eyes huge truccatissimi. News launched in France were the clothes metallic Paco Rabanne, who had no seams but plates hooked together with rings.


Founded by the innovative ideas that spread in the late sixties, the fashion of the seventies assumed form of a real movement. The Hippy wore loose shirts and long tunics transparent, bright colors, giant flowers, jewelry of all types and exotic clothing. The hair became more and more in a tangle unkempt curls. This looks a bit 'ragged beyond the official fashion became a real anti-modern, a symbol of freedom. The feminist movement in those years was identified with the long skirts, dresses bought for pennies at flea markets, clogs. Were also fashionable: Jeans brand, Ray Ban, who had brought the Timberland from those that were defined in Milan paninari, that the young people of the right. On the left hand were used torn jeans, sunglasses, a few pounds, cut off shirts and sweaters, shoulder bags in leather. Elio Fiorucci was the first in Italy this kind of picks against the fashion made of rags. His store was a point meeting place where you could find everything from clothes finished badly, [rafts] high and dangerous, sweatshirts, jeans, but gadgets are very colorful. He was responsible for the introduction of stretch fabric in fashion, which allowed him to invent tight-fitting clothing suitable for the disco-dance. Explosion of knitting, of which the French designer Sonia Rykiel was considered the queen. In the wake of feminism wearing layers upon layers of knitted hats, scarves, leg warmers . Among the innovations at the very beginning of the period, there were the Hot pants, shorts and skirts much shorter than that of left entirely uncovered legs.

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Since the Second World War to the New Look Fashion

The war crisis inevitably caused the race to save, and for some years the proposed lines were simple and uninteresting. Nations like Britain and Italy had to distribute cards in coupons for clothing. Women's fashion is really easy, even for the lack of fabric, especially wool, and leather. For about 4 years were seen only knee-length skirts, square shoulders, small tissue. In America the ladies, not having nylon for hosiery, we did paint the line behind the legs. American women, more practical, adopted in denim clothing. In Italy they created shoes with the soles of cork or kid italics. Forerunner of this type was Salvatore Ferragamo . Meanwhile, not to use wool, which was used by the troops at the front, was invented "Lanital" a fabric made from the waste of casein. Only Christian Dior was the real initiator and architect of post-war fashion, launching in 1947, the New look. Dior had in mind a woman elegant, romantic and refined, focused on a line Modeling the female body, returning to the soft-shouldered, with long skirts, breasts out, round hips, huge skirt, the dress of Dior was falsely natural but hidden under the upholstery and fine fabric reinforcements. Lover of black and white, favored for clothes for day caste lines, while for evening dresses, plunging necklines and yards of tulle. The appearance of ultra-feminine creations of Dior was accentuated by the details. Mandatory gloves, heeled shoes, hats .

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changes over time but ... never goes out of "fashion"

The term fashion indicates one or more collective behavior by changing criteria. This term is often related to how dress and comes from the Latin modus, i, which means way, rule, regulation, time, melody, rhythm. In past centuries, the trendy fashion was the preserve of only the affluent classes mainly because of the cost of fabrics and dyes used, which were extracted from the mineral, animal and plant. Before ' nineteenth , the dress was considered so precious that it was listed among the assets testamentary . The low-income classes were accustomed to wearing clothes cut only roughly and, above all, colored with dyes inexpensive as gray. Add to this shoes in cloth or wood . Not being able to afford to buy new clothes made to measure, these classes often fell back on 'clothing used. Fashion, also known historically costume, comes only in part related to the survival of the human need to cover with fabric, leather or processed materials to be worn. More related to psychology is the appearance of masking . The clothes can be used to hide the sides of the personality who do not want to know or, conversely, to show them. Think of the proverb "clothes do not make the Monaco". Even fashion has a history. The fashion also changed according to the ages.
From 1900 to 191 8
From the time of the Sun King fashion meant to say Paris. Around 1910, the most prominent was tailor Paul Poiret, who, tired of the colors pale line and the hourglass of nineteenth-century style, invented a woman with no bust wearing high-waisted dresses and bright colors. He used silk, velvet, damask, approached purple and red, blue and pink. It was the first to open a school for stickers, to organize courses of pace, to create the pret-a-porter , to manufacture accessories, perfume to handbags.
L ' England continued to be the model instead of male. But man was tied to the traditional nineteenth-century clothing: jacket, waistcoat, trousers and shirt. The winter coats were varied, while among the formal dress, yet a standard were the tails, and the tight tuxedo, dress known as smoke and then became chief elegant. The colors were dark, his shirt, strictly white, his neck stiff and starched. To keep your laundry perfectly clean, neck and cuffs were separated from the shirt itself.

From 1920 to 1930
The new female model was the skinny girl, no longer hip or chest, with a bold masculine look and short hair the "Garçonne. The fashion took shorter and shorter skirts and dresses often cut on the bias, an invention that seems to owe to Madeleine Vionnet . However, before reaching the edge just below the knee, were included triangular panels that made the form asymmetrical apparel. At the end of the twenties was affirmed baby style, with knee-length skirts, shoes with straps, hats, "cloche". Fashion proposed a new way of living: practical, simple, affordable, stylish. Forerunner of this new way of dressing was Gabrielle Coco Chanel . It was she who launched the suit in jersey short, forcing this poor fabric for the suit, one of his creations features. Still she simplified the line apparel evening inventing a linear little black dress. It was the first to launch the costume jewelry made of colored glass, the tan and the smell related to his line, the famous Chanel No. 5 . Did not disdain to wear trousers, still taboo for women.
Men's fashion remained in the binary choice that was reassuring. However, a sporty and casual tone crept into jackets with wide lapels, pants with pleats in waistcoats Wool style golf. Appeared the first waterproof trench and returned the breeches or knikerbokers worn with socks Scotland. Big news was the introduction of the floppy collar shirt and button-down model with two buttons that ensured the points to the shirt.
Between 1929 and 1932 violent crisis swept the world economy. Panic and despair crashed down on the world, the fashion it was hit. A consequence of the crisis was the need to use lower quality yarn: spread out the fibers, such as rayon or nylon. The latter, in particular, replaced the silk with which until then had been made socks.

After 1930, the ideal woman became more graceful and copied the Hollywood star: the ideal woman was slender and feminine, she wore high heels and dyed her hair. On the contrary, in Italy in the regime tried to launch a buxom beauty and Mediterranean. The line of clothing in the thirties changed, life went back to the natural point, the clothes are stretched out below the knee and opened in small folds and panels. In winter it is preferred to long coats with huge hills fox. For the day triumph the suit, while the back is a square due to padding hidden. The trousers gradually crept into fashion, particularly in sportswear and in full summer. The evening dresses, ultra feminine, stretch back to his feet, dizzy with necklines on her back. In recent years preceding the war the dress shortened and widened, while the style became more romantic, inlaid with embroidery and sequins. For evening dress is used and light fabrics rustling.

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Each is perfect. The art of feeling good about themselves by Raffaele Morelli

[The man said as Leopard, is always looking for something that that might satisfy him, the happiness that comes as the 'calm after the storm' a moment of peace after a myriad of troubles ...]
From a psychological standpoint, social and even better psychotherapeutic that 'special moment' there is described by the psychotherapist Raffaele Morelli on one of his books titled''Everyone is perfect. The art of feeling good about themselves.''
Be happy. The desire of desires is the same. Today as yesterday. And, today more than yesterday, in a society where everything is at hand, seems to realize that the streets will be multiplied. Seems. Instead
Happiness eludes us more than ever, as evidenced by the numbers of modern suffering 12 million Italians use drugs, three million people a wrong relationship with food and 30% suffered at least once, a psychosomatic disorder. Then, of course, seek happiness in the wrong way. Raffaele Morelli, Italy's most famous psychotherapist, he is absolutely convinced. And "Each one is perfect - the art of feeling good about themselves," suggests a new direction. That indicated by the Eastern sages, that he first tries to follow in his very busy days, there is nothing in us that is not good. Our flaws, our dark side, not our pain be driven out, but looked at each other and welcomed us inside ...
A book full of clear pictures''reflected''in which it is easy, all things belong to us what we think negative, you just have to accept it ... we're so perfect!

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Swag And Bow Christmas Lights

Music: I consider it an 'art? Google Doodle for Pippi Longstocking

Music is a way to express our thoughts and feelings. Some people write
Very often we happen to hear on TV, radio, on different platforms like youtube songs or tunes that strike us in time and we often do not make me realize how these can affect our senses until do not decide to listen to over and over again, often becoming our favorite tunes or without. Music in time has undergone a tremendous evolution in the medieval liturgical chants, baroque music made to sound light, since the advent of classical music in which identity as Beethoven, Strauss, Puccini, Mozart and many others have dictated a musical style that is current and estimated acora today in the XXI century, where most of us pause to listen on your i-pod blues, rock, metal, contemporary, and so on and so forth!
pieces of music and those who delight in singing, but those who simply stop turning up the stereo volume and immargersi in your favorite melody. What drives us to sing and / or a genre or Ascoli very specific song? The memory of a precise moment of his life with people who have left an indelible mark on us, or tell a particular time or what we would like to express, but it is often difficult for us shy or insecure. Emotions are what make it a memorable melody in us! For this reason a 'friendship, love, hardship are expressed in music to evoke feelings that have no common ethnic or cultural constraints. Each evokes emotion transmitted colors and images with other irreplaceable us, so we do our art of music and common principles.

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Pippi Longstocking celebrates 65 years and for the occasion Mountain View has decided to offer its users the logo on the homepage of the heads that search engine, which is thus replaced by a stylized logo. This time, in fact, a logo celebrating the birthday of the nice girl from the red braids protagonist of the novel of the Swedish writer Astrid Lindgren, who has become a cult television series inspired by the book.
The new Google Doodle is essentially very similar to the original logo, which is been removed to make room for small g Pippi raising his trusted horse, Uncle, and his inseparable monkey, nicknamed Mr Nilsson. It refers to the superhuman strength of the girl, who hoisted his horse with one arm, worthy of a true heroine in miniature!
This is yet another Google Doodle which seems not to have disappointed users and collectors spread throughout social networks and forums.

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Sonic Toothbrush Comparisons

Arsenic-Boron-Fluoride in water: list the municipalities concerned

Arsenic-Boron-Fluoride in groundwater aquifers Italian: 128 comuuni exceed the new limits imposed by law by the European Community: in the bottom of the post attachments list.

Arsenic at high exposures through ingestion and air, can cause cancers of the skin and internal organs. (set time limit: 20 micrograms per liter, the first 50 micrograms per liter)
Fluoride , when taken in excessive amounts through water and swallowed, and cause dental fluorosis in children bone . (Limit on hours : 1 milligram per liter, the first three milligram per liter).
Boron is toxic to the reproductive tract, but not carcinogenic when taken in too much. (limit on hours: 1.5 milligram per liter, the first three milligram per liter)

Region: Lombardy
Marcaria (Mantova) 50 g / l of arsenic
Roncoferraro (Mantua ) 50 mg / l of arsenic
Viadana (Mantova) 50 g / l of arsenic
Valdidentro (Sondrio) 50 g / l of arsenic
Valfurva (Sondrio) 50 g / l of arsenic
Macclesfield (Varese) 30 g / l of arsenic
Sesto Calende (Varese) 30 g / l of arsenic
Dumenza (Varese) 30 g / l of arsenic
Bassano Bresciano (Brescia) 15 g / l Arsenic
Cava Manara (Pavia) 15 g / l of arsenic
Gambolò (Pavia) 15 g / l of arsenic
San Gervasio Bresciano (Brescia) 15 g / l of arsenic
Introzzo (Lecco) 20 g / l arsenic
Sueglio (Lecco) 20 g / l of arsenic in
update ...

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First we define the sport a play group or individual that puts the competition in one or more persons. Is the famous phrase of Baron Pierre de Cubertin "The important is not winning but taking part ", according to which we must aim for fun, but also a personal satisfaction!
The sport is the set of activities, physical and mental, done to improve and maintain good condition the whole psycho-physical apparatus human and entertain those who practice or who is a spectator.
The sport can be practiced individually or in groups ( team sports), not for competitive or competing against other athletes. In the latter case we speak of racing sports .
Dissemination of sport in almost all societies of the contemporary world is the trademark of the importance that sport has become in reality as a socially, economically and politically. Sport is an integral part of the culture of a society and develops in symbiosis with the changes that distinguish it. Consider only the wealth of traditions that sports bring to traditional cultures of the nations in which they are engaged in, or to the close links between sport and media .
Many sports require special equipment to be charged, made up of vehicles or by simple mechanical tools, or require special facilities for practice. The horse riding and equestrian sports are practiced together with examples of an animal, the horse.

Other sports instead, such as race, do not require special equipment and are also widely practiced in poor countries . In these societies, sport is often seen by the younger generation as a possible means of economic and social redemption, are a clear example of the great African runners, who for many years now, are the rulers of the middle distance in light attletica .
The event in which the dualism between professionals and amateurs had the highest levels of contrast was definitely the 'Olympics the most important sporting event in the world. The Olympics are every four years and are divided into summer and winter Olympics. On that occasion, the best athletes from all over the world will be challenged in different Olympic events. During the first editions of modern Olympics, though, the races were only allowed amateur athletes, over the years, and under the pressure of public opinion and the sponsors, underwent a number of exceptions to the rule and was eventually removed to allow professional athletes, usually best in the various disciplines, to participate in Olympic competition. A wide range of sport was practiced in ancient Greece : running, long jump, wrestling, boxing, javelin, the discus throw, the race of chariots and the pentathlon were the ones prevailing. This preference indicates that the predominant influence of the military culture in ancient Greece had on the development of the sport most associated with it and vice versa. were held in honor of Zeus every four years Olympia, a small village in the Peloponnese. The Olympics were not only a sporting event, but they were celebrating individual excellence, cultural and artistic diversity of the entire Greek culture and, above all, had the opportunity to honor the greatest religious deities.
Sport, as we see, has its own history and presents various types of assets, but most of all have fun and relax! Sports because it's good for your mind and your body!

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Who does not love good food? The Art of Color

I think of it found very few negative responses.
The food, in addition to meeting a human need, arouses in us feelings of pleasure only, a way to "rip" a break from the routine quoitidiana.
As with everything around us, food is art that strikes the senses. In particular, touch, smell and sight. In addition to taste with your mouth, tasted with the eyes and the nose, because what is particularly striking colors and shapes that can take on any dish. If we stop before a first or a sweet first impression certainly will affect our desire to taste it will surely: the bright color of each ingredient, the sweet-scented and delicious, the way it is served and the details that accompany it.
Cooking is also a very common activity in which we can dilettraci like children in the representation of a dish we like, or who may want to offer one or more guests.
Many people involved in cooking and for making the dish as a profession and as hobbies, forming a creative and imaginative mind that sees food in a manner of expression, almost a kind of art that many of us is increasingly affecting .
We cook by necessity, by hunger, to make a thought or even for pure entertainment. Whatever the reason is still a function for something other than a human need, not only more common in women but in men themselves has become a widely used practice.
sum up: the kitchen is color, flavor and fun.
A healthy habit and general "fill" not only the belly but it stimulates the mind itself.

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http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_P2e2DToqp20/TJu8MPhXbhI/AAAAAAAAAts/TQYpe4vjxQg/s400/pennelli.jpg The painting is the art that consists of applying pigment suspended a carrier (or half) and a bonding agent to a support such as paper, linen, silk, ceramics, wood or a wall. The process in practice is to sprinkle a surface color. The iconic signs that are defining the nature of the work on a semantic level, depending on the intentions of the author (or painter pittrece it is), in a free play of figuration, free use of the forms or any other use of the pictorial medium in the arts. There are many types of painting techniques, which are different for both materials and tools used for the surfaces on which the work is done. We have:
  • the fresco on the walls, the mural, graffiti and encaustic.
  • on panel painting in tempera, oil paints and acrylics.
  • tempera painting on paper, the 'gouache or watercolor and gouache .
  • tempera on canvas, oil paint and acrylic paint.
  • on the vase paintings with ceramic oxides and flux.
  • on silk batik and other fabrics, the Shibori, the wreath and watercolor.
Other techniques are figurative: the miniature etching and aquatint and, in general, all graphic techniques to produce unique works (such as the design) or multiple (array printing, but also digital).
carrying out the paintings, then, in addition to a wide range of surfaces and colors that can appear pure - pigments - or more usually already joined the so-called medium - pastes, resins, oils, emulsions - is added the possibility to use different tools: brushes, spatulas, spray, spray, tips and tools that do not even born to artistic use, but there are adapted from the expertise or the imagination. Other specific forms of visual arts can be mosaic or tapestry embroidery.

http://images.easyart.com/i/prints/rw/lg/2/5/Salvador-Dali-La-persistenza-della-memoria-25227.jpg The Persistence of Memory (also known as Soft Watches ) is an oil painting on canvas created in 1931dal-English surrealist painter Salvador Dali . The thing that strikes the observer looking at this is the highly asymmetric composite system. The elements of the framework, in fact, are distributed in a desultory way in the open space, and are laid on a landscape that the artist decided to withdraw from. The light as you can see, it creates deep shadows on the front surface of objects. The colors, finally, are combined in a bizarre scheme in the composition of the work: we notice, in fact, the presence of color is warm or cold and dark. In fact, the idea that the surrealists want to express is to delete all the fixed rules which mark the lives of everyday life such as the rules of time marked by the clock: hours 60 minutes minutes 60 seconds .. but in this painted clocks symbolize the time of memory, so they form a poorly defined fluids seem almost to prove the opposite of the strict rule of the time that the elasticity of time memory. Some things done recently not remember the facts while remote remember them as if they had happened the day before.

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Why is it important to read: fables and fairy tales for children

The boy and his mom talk about looking into his eyes and this is possible because that is intimate communication with their children's actions and affections. The mother-child relationship is the most important relations of affection in the life of every individual. There are many lessons to give a child to prepare him for the things of the world and there are many educational tools that you can choose. It educates talking, explaining, discussing, clarifying and setting an example, warning, scolding - if necessary - but also playing and participating in the world "child", or descending into the fantastic imagination of children.
A great way to tell the world and teach morals to children is represented by stories: fantastic tales that conceal the most noble and pure principles. All going well, from classics to originals, from the most modern and adventurous to the most ancient, simple and timeless. Read stories to children is an ancient custom, a rite of love, a moment meeting and growth. Yet today, it would be easier to access youtube and launch a cartoon fairy tales, or those on DVD, there are many wonderful versions. But no. You have to read, take a good book, big, colorful and shows, browse, tell it and live it.

Sharing a book with children strengthens the relationship of intimacy that binds them to their parents. In fact, the mom that reads, in fact, puts herself, her voice, her body, her facial expression, providing a discovery of the child. In other words, the law allows small to learn a new thing, which is a beautiful thing, gripping the small, funny, engaging. The fact that my mother read the story allows the small to participate with greater momentum, because it is not simply to hear or see a "game" pleasant, it is for the child to share a room with her mother.
is evidence that the child is more accustomed to reading early in the acquisition of language, has a more complete vocabulary and express themselves better than their peers who have not been introduced by the parents' enjoyment of books. "
So mothers prepared the reading voice and you become monsters, witches, wolves and princesses, make funny faces, lots of hand gestures and involve the kids!

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Lamb Buttermilk Marinade

What drives us to take a trip? What to take to push us beyond our barriers? Gibi and will finish

Traveling is a necessity that many of us feel inside, it can be detached from their reality known environments, cultures and different landscapes. Some people do it as a means of escape from a reality that repudiates. Who's going to find anything that does not know. Who simply think of recreation and no matter the environment but rather the journey itself. Others seek a faith that needs to become stronger. And much more. The trip is research, emotion, feeling, desire, passion, or sometimes even a novelty to find something you missed before, a return to the past or discover the future. Often impossible dream trips, endless places in our minds take us away from our habitat, our home. The main object of travel is definitely the "scale" the foot in a foreign land, see what he can offer us a new tradition, remain astonished in front of a landscape. It 'hard not to become excited by something completely unknown. The journey itself meets the eye, mind and heart. It is important to the city where we are going but what we feel within us, such as images and colors can be extrapolated to something really significant to us. Warm colors like yellow and orange of the sun and the red sand of a particular sunset we bring warmth and joy. Other more intense as the blue, green, brown and reconnect us to nature quiet and reflective. How many colors can we find out and how much more we can learn and appreciate. Just running away, although in most cases temporarily, from today's reality to discover that another, even though it may look similar to ours, awakens us in moments we missed and never known joy.

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Born as vignettes accompanying letters of comfort and support, and Gibi Doppiaw two clowns are created by Walter Kostner in the late 70's. Their simplicity and authenticity involves both small and large: Gibi it is innocence, curiosity, wonder, discovery and research; Doppiaw is maturity, experience, disillusionment. Their relationship is complementary friendship, learn from each of the two: Gibi Doppiaw turn to for help and comfort, thanks to Doppiaw Gibi still manages to surprise even his knowledge, rediscovered emotions and feelings aside and forgotten because of the disappointments of life. Their adventures are told through the cartoons and animation, telling glimpses of daily life, made of discoveries and comparison, wonder and reflection. The melodies that accompany the cartoon shape the action, making it peaceful and lively. The stories are short dialogues that contain lessons or just thoughts that are considered to be obvious, but look at the world and the surrounding reality with a more lightweight look, devoid of prejudice and more surprise.
The cartoons are mostly in black and white animations are color soft and delicate, pastel colors, colors that fade to white, suggesting purity, purity and simplicity. Water Color that caress and frame the story, as if unwilling to disturb the two sympathetic protagonists.

Things To Have Written On A Cake

flooded with books?

Electronic books or paper books? This is the dilemma. Surely the users (initial) e-book have said at least once: "Oh no. I could never renounce the physicality of a book and the smell of paper. " But not everyone thinks so. And speaking of e-writers. Yeah! Not only e-readers, but also e-writers, who are increasingly numerous. At least in appearance, in fact, it seems that one of the most positive effects of e-books are the greatest opportunities for those who want to become an author firsthand. Just think of the opportunity to put their digital content available directly to the immense public Internet.

Dealing with the supply of digital books, the project Books widespread company's e-Text and the electronic library Ebooksitalia that care for the publication and distribution of new titles in e-book.

production and supply digital book - free or paid - is thus set to grow. New opportunities, of course. But they require some thought:
1) We will see a form of democratization of writing and knowledge, or rather end up swamped by a multitude of proposals?
2) The electronic destination may change the writing itself?
Tell us what you think.

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Thousand Splendid Suns, the story of Afghan women

November 25 marks the National Day against violence against women. Many of the Italian associations that come together to numerous initiatives. We want to participate with the review of a book that now more than ever, is the plight of Afghan women. " Thousand Splendid Suns" is the second novel by Khaled Hosseini, Afghan-born American writer, author of previous best seller "The Kite Runner."
The plot of this book is complex and exciting. Interweaves the lives of two women leading two lives completely different to when they are forced to share the same roof and the same man.

The story takes place in Afghanistan, in a period from the '60s to today. Mariam is a child of Herat, the illegitimate daughter of Jalil, a rich man. He lives just outside the city with his mother, the man turned away because of pregnancy, but for the baby, the father is still a great guy. On the death of his mother, Mariam is fifteen years old and are given in marriage to Rasheed, which requires it to wear the burqa and to follow Islamic precepts. Rashid trafficking according to tradition, no respect for her dignity, her desires and her body. Mariam will learn over time to submit to that kind of social order.
Laila was born in 1978, in Kabul. He lives a few meters away from the house of Rasheed and Mariam. His family is of costumes more "liberal": the mother does not wear the burqa and her father does attend school. Laila is very intelligent, independent and knows he can do a lot for his people. Since a child is always accompanied by Tariq, which over the years, a friend turns into love of his life. But the continuing political upheaval will prevent her family to live happy, the Russian occupation, the beginning of the Jihad, the victory of the mujahideen, the victory of the Taliban and their Islamic regime. All this leads to the death of his family. Laila is saved and accepted by Rasheed and Mariam. After the death of Tariq, Laila agrees to marry Rasheed. Thus began living with Mariam. The two women became great friends and, despite their differences, will help and support each other in large trials that will face during the long years of war.
A novel that values \u200b\u200bfriendship and love, which tells the story of a subject people and a war that brings destruction.