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Technical Standards published by the Software

technical standards published by the (Italian Organization for Standardization) in the month of October 2009 concerning Safety and Prevention in the Workplace, Environment, Food Hygiene.

• Technical Standards UNI EN 15269-20:2009
extended application of the test results of fire resistance and / or control of the dispersion of the smoke doors, closing and opening windows and building components - Part 20: Controlling the spread of smoking or hinged doors on hinges, steel or wood, with windows, framed in wood or metal
• UNI EN 13890:2009
exposure in the workplace - Procedures for measuring metals and metalloids in airborne particles - Requirements and test methods
• UNI EN 14492-2:2009
Cranes - Power driven winches and hoists - Part 2: Power driven
• UNI 9721:2009
Fosse for vehicles - Building criteria and to the safety of persons
• UNI EN ISO 10088:2009
Small craft - Permanently installed fuel
• CEN / TS 15926:2009
Fertilizers - Extraction of water-soluble sulfur when sulfur is present in different forms
• CEN / TS 15925:2009
Fertilizers - Extraction of total sulfur in fertilizers in different forms
• CEN / TS 15924:2009
Fertilizers - Determination of fineness of grinding of soft phosphate Natural
• CEN / TS 15923:2009
Fertilizers - Extraction of phosphorus soluble in alkaline ammonium citrate Joulie
• CEN / TS 15922:2009
Fertilizers - Extraction of soluble phosphorus according to Petermann at ambient temperature
• CEN / TS 15921:2009
Fertilizers - Extraction of soluble phosphorus according to Petermann at 65 ° C
• CEN / TS 15920:2009
Fertilizers - Extraction of soluble phosphorus in 2% citric acid
• CEN / TS 15919:2009
Fertilizers - Extraction of phosphorus soluble in 2% formic acid

• UNI EN 474-1:2009 Earth-moving machinery - Safety - Part 1: General requirements
• UNI EN 474-2:2009
Earth-moving machinery - Safety - Part 2: Requirements for tractor-dozers

• UNI EN 474-3:2009 Earth-moving machinery - Safety - Part 3: Requirements for loaders

• UNI EN 474-4:2009 Earth-moving machinery - Safety - Part 4: Requirements for backhoe

• UNI EN 474-5:2009 Earth-moving machinery - Safety - Part 5: Requirements for hydraulic excavators
• UNI EN 474 -6:2009
Earth-moving machinery - Safety - Part 6: Requirements for dumpers

• UNI EN 474-7:2009 Earth-moving machinery - Safety - Part 7: Requirements for scrapers
• UNI EN 474-8:2009
Machines construction - Safety - Part 8: Requirements for graders

• UNI EN 474-9:2009 Earth-moving machinery - Safety - Part 9: Requirements for pipelay
• UNI EN 474-10:2009
moving machinery land - Safety - Part 10: Requirements for trenchers
• UNI EN 474-11:2009
construction - Safety - Part 11: Requirements for landfill compactors
• UNI EN 474-12:2009
construction - Safety - Part 12: Requirements for cable excavators

• UNI EN 149:2009 Respiratory protective devices - Half masks dust filters - Requirements, testing, marking
• UNI EN 14605:2009
Protective clothing against liquid chemicals - Performance requirements for clothing with liquid-tight (Type 3) or tight (Type 4), including items providing protection to parts of the body (types PB [3] PB [4])
• UNI EN ISO 3382-1:2009
Acoustics - Measurement of the acoustic parameters of the environments - Part 1: auditoriums
• UNI EN 13157:2009
Cranes - Safety - Cranes-operated hand
• UNI EN ISO 7971-1:2009
Cereals - Determination of bulk density, called mass per hectolitre - Part 1: Reference method
• UNI EN ISO 7971-2:2009
Cereals - Determination of bulk density, called mass per hectolitre - Part 2: Method of traceability for measuring instruments using the international reference standard instrument
• UNI EN ISO 7971-3:2009
Cereals - Determination of bulk density, called mass per hectolitre - Part 3: Method of routine
• UNI EN 15786:2009
Animal feed - Isolation and counts of Pediococcus spp. • UNI EN 15792:2009

Animal feed - Determination of zearalenone in animal feed - high resolution chromatography (HPLC) with fluorescence detection and immunoaffinity column purification Title in English: Animal feeding stuffs - Determination of zearalenone in animal feed - High performance liquid chromatographic method with fluorescence detection and immunoaffinity column clean-up
• UNI EN 15785:2009
Animal feed - Isolation and counts of Bifidobacterium spp. •
UNI EN 15784:2009
Animal feed - Isolation and counts of Bacillus spp. • UNI EN 15789:2009 alleged

Animal feed - Isolation and counting of probiotic strains of yeast
• UNI EN 15791:2009
Foodstuffs - Determination of Deoxynivalenol in animal feed - high resolution chromatography (HPLC) with immunoaffinity column purification
• UNI EN 15782:2009
Animal feed - Determination of nicarbazin - Method for High-performance liquid chromatography
• UNI EN 15781:2009
Animal feed - Determination of ammonium maduramicin by liquid chromatography high resolution (HPLC) using reversed phase post-column derivatization

• UNI EN 280:2009 Mobile elevating work platforms - Design calculations - Stability criteria - Construction - Safety - Examinations and tests

• UNI EN 614-1:2009 Safety of machinery - Ergonomic principles design - Part 1: Terminology and general principles
• UNI EN 15788:2009
Animal feed - Isolation and counts of Enterococcus (E. faecium) spp. • UNI EN 1974:2009

food processing machinery - Slicing machines - Safety and hygiene
• UNI EN 81-21:2009
Safety rules for the construction and installation of lifts - Lifts for the transportation of people and goods - Part 21: Lifts for new people and things in existing buildings
• UNI EN 15267-2:2009
Air quality - Certification of automated measuring systems - Part 2: Initial assessment of the management system for the manufacturer's quality AMS and post certification surveillance of the manufacturing process
• UNI EN 15267-1:2009
Air quality - Certification of automated measuring systems - Part 1: General principles
• UNI EN 14238:2009
Cranes - Devices Manually controlled load manipulating
• UNI EN 12041:2009
food processing machinery - Moulders - Safety and hygiene

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Doc 10 for the safety of companies with fewer than 10 employees

E 'was published on the software www.certificazione.info DOC 10 gl to achieve the formalities required by Legislative Decree 81/08, for companies with fewer than 10 employees.

According to art. 29 paragraph 5 of Legislative Decree 81/08, these companies do not have to prepare the document for risk assessment but may adopt a self.
The formalities, however, are not finished with this application form. It takes a number of other documents to be in accordance with Legislative Decree 81/08. All these documents must be updated. DOC

With 10 you have three advantages:

1) can be achieved quickly - thanks to the pre-set models, the following documents:
_ self risk assessment appointment letter _
employer as
_ RSPP RSPP external appointment letter appointment letter assignment fire

_ _ _
primosoccorso letter post election report RLS
_ regular meeting minutes
All models can be exported to MS Word

2) you can manage the timing of all the requirements without making mistakes

3) you can identify all the necessary documents to self-presentation


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Online course New Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC

E 'was published the new online course The new machinery directive 2006/42/EC on the sites and www.sicurezzapratica.it www.certificazione.info.

The course is available directly via the web is structured as follows:

_ The main changes introduced by the new Directive 2006/42/EC amcchine
_ The risk analysis, operating procedures - the UNI EN ISO 14121-1:2007, EN ISO 12100-1
_ The technical dossier under the new Machinery Directive
_ Manual and instructions for use, operational guidelines to implement them properly

mode of consultation of the course:
Once you receive the payment within 24 hours access codes to online course
The course is divided into individual lessons with handouts in pdf format and multimedia sessions.
After completing this course the user can access the assessment tests, after which receives a certificate of attendance valid for five years in order to review RSPP (4 hours).
The certificate is issued by ADL - Association union employers

platform e-learning training Edirama


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The technical standards of UNI

• Technical Standards UNI EN ISO 11681-1:2009
Forestry machinery - Requirements and security tests of portable chain saws - Part 1: Chain-saws for forest
• UNI EN ISO 22868:2009
Forestry machinery - Noise test code for portable hand with internal combustion engine - Engineering method (Grade precision 2) • UNI EN ISO 3450:2009

construction - Braking systems of rubber wheels on machines - Performance requirements and test methods
• UNI EN ISO 6682:2009
Earth-moving machinery - Zones of comfort and accessibility Command
• UNI EN ISO 7096:2009 Earth-moving machinery
- Laboratory evaluation of operator seat vibration
• UNI EN ISO 11681-2:2009
Forestry machinery - Safety requirements and testing of portable chain saws - Part 2: Chain-saws for pruning
• UNI EN ISO 21148:2009
Cosmetics - Microbiology - General instructions for microbiological analysis
• UNI EN ISO 18416:2009
Cosmetics - Microbiology - Research of Candida albicans
• UNI EN ISO 21149:2009
Cosmetics - Microbiology - Research and counts of mesophilic aerobic
• UNI EN ISO 21150:2009
Cosmetics - Microbiology - Research Escherichia coli
• UNI EN ISO 22717:2009
Cosmetics - Microbiology - Research of Pseudomonas aeruginosa
• UNI EN ISO 22718:2009
Cosmetics - Microbiology - Research of Staphylococcus aureus
• UNI EN ISO 659:2009
seeds and oleaginous fruits - Determination of oil content (Reference method
• UNI EN ISO 660:2009
animal and vegetable fats and oils - Determination of acid number and acidity
• UNI EN ISO 9902-1:2009
Textile machinery - Noise test code - Part 1: Common
• UNI EN ISO 9902-2:2009
Textile machinery - Noise test code - Part 2: preparatory machinery and spinning
• UNI EN ISO 9902-3:2009
Textile machinery - Noise test code - Part 3: Machinery for the production of nonwovens
• UNI EN ISO 9902-4:2009
Textile machinery - Noise test code - Part 4: Yarn processing machinery and the production of ropes and cordage
• UNI EN ISO 9902-5:2009
Textile machinery - Noise test code - Part 5: Weaving preparatory machinery and knitting
• UNI EN ISO 9902-6:2009
Textile machinery - Noise test code - Part 6: Fabric manufacturing machinery for
9902-7:2009 Textile machinery - Noise test code - Part 7: Machinery for dyeing and finishing
• UNI EN 15089:2009
Systems decoupling
• UNI EN 791:2009
drilling machines - Security
• UNI EN 13985:2009
Machine tools - Safety - Guillotine shears
• UNI EN 13898:2009
Machine tools - Safety - Sawing machines for cutting cold metal
• UNI EN 13355:2009
Coating plants - Combined booths - Safety requirements
• UNI EN 12981:2009
Coating plants - Spray booths for application of powder coatings - Safety requirements • UNI EN 13001-2:2009

Cranes - General design - Part 2: Shares of loads

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September 2009 Contributions for certification in Friuli


LR No 30/1984, Art. 45


micro, small and medium-sized businesses headquartered in the region performing mining, processing or production of goods and construction, according to the classification ATECO 2002 sections C, D, E and F;
SMEs service, set up as companies with headquarters in the region, falling classes and categories listed in Annex A;
consortia activities and having offices in the region consist mostly of industrial SMEs with activities in the region.
Excludes industrial SMEs and their consortia operating in the fields of activities listed in Annex B and Annex C.

funded initiatives are funded the following initiatives:

a) application of methodologies for which provision is made for certification of compliance with European, national, such as:

environmental management system;
quality system
systems designed for one label product quality;
other systems;
b) acquisition services for the improvement of the organization and / or increased productivity in terms of:

strategic planning and corporate structure;
organization, finance and control;
review and certification of financial statements (limited to the first audited financial statements) ;
definition of information systems and information technology;
computer technologies and websites;
environmental issues;
feasibility of new investments;
technological innovation;
increase productivity through the introduction of methodologies and techniques for reducing the time and cost;
any other advice that contributes to business growth .
c) Implementing and strengthening of information systems (software) related to the acquisition of consulting services in letters a) and b).

Eligible expenses for initiatives planned to
a) and b) are eligible expenses related to advice given by someone outside the organization including those relating to business acquisition Certification by company notified or approved in accordance with national and European legislation.
For the initiatives referred to under c) are eligible for the cost of purchasing software directly related to the acquisition of consulting services.
Eligible expenses are linked to the certification of expenditure.

are eligible expenses incurred from the day following the date of application.

Type of contribution
capital contribution with the following intensity:

40% of eligible expenditure for the types referred to in subparagraph a).
20% eligible expenditure for the types referred to in subparagraph b).
15% for small companies and 7.5% for medium-sized enterprises of eligible expenditure for the types referred to in subparagraph c).
The maximum amount of the incentive is equal to € 65,000.00.

For the activity of certification of costs, incentives for capital equal to 50% of eligible expenditure shall be granted according to the rule de minimis (up to € 200,000.00 over three financial years).
incentives equal to or greater than € 31,000.00 may be paid in advance, to an extent not exceeding 40% of the amount paid upon presentation of proper bank guarantee or insurance policy for an amount equal to the sum to be paid.

Procedure Applications for access to the incentives must be submitted to the Chamber of Commerce.
Incentives are provided through the evaluation process to stop the chronological order of submission of applications.

Monster Energy Curved Navel

Funding from Livorno Chamber of Commerce for certification to EN 16001

in the granting of subsidies paid by the Chamber of Commerce of Livorno to the system of enterprises in the province, are the subject of financing the costs of obtaining different types of certifications by December 31, 2009, namely:

UNI EN ISO 22000:2005 - Management System for Safety Food
UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 - Quality Management Systems Standard
UNI 11020 and UNI 10939 - Traceability of food products for companies
UNI EN ISO 14001:2004 EMAS II - Environmental Management Systems
SA 8000 - Certification of business ethics
OHSAS 18001 - Management and Security

Download the announcement Published

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Published: Energy Management Systems

EN 16001: Energy Management Systems

About 80% of energy consumed in ' European Union comes from fossil fuels: oil, natural gas and coal. The environmental impact of this scheme, together to security and economic implications of the inevitable, make it essential to use more rational and better overall management of energy, to achieve real sustainable development. The standard EN 16001 "Energy Management Systems - Requirements with guidance application" is the appropriate response. A rule that is the complement to "energy" of two other regulatory products of proven, on the UNI EN ISO 9001 quality management systems and ISO 14001 environmental management systems.

The document, developed by the Task Force CEN / CENELEC TF 189 which UNI coordination was entrusted by the Italian Heat Technology Committee (CTI) specifies requirements for an energy management system and enables an organization to have a systematic approach for continuous improvement of energy performance, an improvement that translates into a more efficient and more sustainable energy, regardless its type. The rule itself does not define specific performance criteria for energy. The EN 16001 will help companies who want to adopt simply to organize systems and processes aimed at improving energy efficiency: a management that leads to economic benefits and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. This is a technical document is useful for enterprises of all sizes and of any type, which is able to adapt to different geographical, cultural and social. EN 16001 may be taken independently or integrate with other management systems. For ease of use, the structure of the rule is similar to the famous ISO 14001 (Environmental Management Systems) and follows the same methodology as the Plan-Do-Check-Act, thus making it very easy to integrate the two different systems.

In practice, the new standard EN 16001 applies to organizations that wish to:

1. improve their energy performance in a systematic
2. organize, develop, maintain and improve an energy management system
3. ensure that it conforms to their energy policies declared
4. demonstrate such compliance
5. obtain certification for its energy management system by another organization
6. carry out a self-assessment and self-declaration of conformity to

Who should use BS EN 16001? Mainly
organizations that consume significant amounts of energy, engineers and consultants working in the energy sector in general and both public and private figures. Unlike any online guide that provides general support for the development of a management system for energy, EN 16001 guarantees the possibility of a certification path of compliance and self-declaration, in total analogy to the UNI EN ISO 9001 or ISO 14001.

Published by CEN on 1 July 2009, EN 16001 will be adopted at national level by the end of summer by UNI. The importance of this document was developed to facilitate the attainment of the objectives of Directive 2006/32/EC on end-use efficiency and energy services and repealing Council Directive 93/76/EEC in which, as a national implementation (Legislative Decree No 115/08, Art. 16) express reference is "... the adoption of appropriate technical standard on 'energy management systems' by UNI-CEI, followed by a certification process for such systems to be approved in a subsequent decree. " The topic of power management does not end with the EN 16001: recently closed the public inquiry on the CEN prEN 15900 Energy efficiency services - Definitions and essential requirements "- whose work is undertaken by a Working Group to coordinate Italian, UNI entrusted by the CTI, and under the supervision of that Task Force 189 - which aims to provide a reference for appropriate certification schemes, accreditation or qualifications for the provision of energy services and provide a useful guide for customers and for suppliers of energy efficiency services.

To complete the legal framework of a 360-degree aims to provide operators a comprehensive package of rules on management and energy efficiency by the end of the year, purely national will soon be public inquiry in two projects of UNI, one for ESCO - companies providing energy services - and a respect of experts in energy management, better known as energy manager. Both standards are required by the said Article 16 of Legislative Decree no. 115/2008 which, again, provides for the subsequent approval of procedures for the voluntary certification.

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"The new security policy: Leg. 81/08, as amended. Starting Points Assessment Machinery Directive "

have been published on the website ISPESL acts of an interesting conference: "The new security policy: Leg. 81/08, as amended. Starting Points for evaluation of the machinery directive.

Speeches June 18

* "Evolution of the legislation on the activities of verification"

V. Mazzocchi - ISPESL / DTS

* "The work of certification and verification of products and systems in the light of Dlgs.81/08"

F. Ricci - ISPESL / DCC

* "Safety Management System - Guidelines UNI-INAIL-ISPESL"

G. Giannelli - ISPESL Department of Milan

* "The fire risk assessment under the Consolidated"

C. Turton - Provincial Command of the Fire Department Alexandria

* "The Role of ARPA in the Consolidated"

A. Robotti - Executive Manager of the complex structure SC03 ARPA

* "The role and activities of the Piedmont Region"

S. La Monica - Piedmont Region Health Department

* "The role of inspection SPRESAL"

R. Zanelli - Director of ASTI SPRESAL ASL 19

Posts 19 June

* "The evolution of standards on safety at work and news of the Consolidated"

V. Hammers - V-Unit Director of General Affairs, the assembly of litigation and 'ISPESL

* "Framework on the European scene"

G. Bianchi - National President of AIAS

* "Title III - The safety requirements for work equipment and the evolution of technical standards"

L. Tomassini - ISPESL / DTS

* "The safety of the wineries in the area"

L. Di Donato - ISPESL / DTS

* "Experiences of SPRESAL in Piedmont"

L. Modonutti - SPRESAL

ALBA CUNEO 2 * "The main changes introduced by the new Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC"

E. Borzelli - ISPESL / DTS

* "The assessment of conformity of machinery used in the new Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC"

L. Monica - ISPESL / DTS

* "Innovations in scenario and prospects of the Consolidated for the safe management of work equipment"

M. Alvino - Ministry of Labour, Health and Social Affairs - DG - Division VI - Security

Access documents from the following link

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Emilia Romagna - From PSR 142 million for the chain projects

The Program aims to promote the aggregation around a joint production between companies and between them and those processing and marketing of a particular production sector. Indeed the existence of these formal agreements on a reciprocal and between different actors in the food industry, is the very condition for gaining access to aid.

Areas covered

Considering the "weight" of the different productive sectors in the regional economy, but also the development prospects The PSR assigned more than 32 million € to the fruit and vegetable sector, almost 28 million to the dairy sector to about 25 million of pork and more than 23 million to wine. Exceed 8 million euro allocation for the sector of cereals, those 5 million for the sector that includes soy, fodder and seed, and the same figure is set to the poultry and eggs. Finally, just over € 4 million will go to the beef sector.

What does the contract

The notice will be published in the Official Bulletin of the Region on May 29 and includes the resolution of the Regional No 672 of May 18, 2009, by which it approved the Operational Programme shaft "Projects of the supply chain", which implements the integrated approach for access to RDP measures' Axis 1 - Competitiveness.

same time were also approved the Operational Programmes of Measures 124 "Cooperation in the development of new products, processes and technologies in agriculture, food and forestry sector" and 133 "Support for producer groups for information and promotion activities respect to products under food quality schemes "Axis 1 of the PSR.

Both measures can be activated only with how the industry and represent that action in support of the integrated system, a prerequisite for synergy with activities related to agriculture and other activities related to various production sectors.

The contributions will go from 40 to 50% of the total project investment in production for up to 70% for action at the intangible (ie cost of sales, pre-competitive research, training and management consultancy, certification quality).

Most of the resources allocated will support the modernization of agricultural holdings (72 million euro) process and product innovation in the food industry (41 million).

In order to promote appropriate forms of aggregation, the program also sets the minimum and maximum cost of a single chain project, which should not be less than 500 000 € and can not exceed 10 million €. E ', an exception (from a minimum of 200 000 to a maximum of EUR 2 million) for smaller sectors such as forestry and the organic products.

Similarly, the program also sets the minimum number of companies that have put together for each fund. You must be at least 5 companies for the dairy sector, at least 18 for fruit and vegetables. Requests for access to aid may be submitted until October 16.

The compilation and presentation of both individual instances of aid is the application for the project will die be done according to procedures laid down by Agree (4355 No determination of April 18, 2008) and using the OS Practices (SOP) and specific forms available on the website of the same.

The deadline for submitting applications is set peremptorily to 16 October 2009, so the assumption of semi-electronic submission, with the assignment of protocol at the regional offices, applications must be submitted to the Service Aid for firms not later than 13.00 on expiration day.

Applications sent by post, private courier or delivery agencies must comply with this deadline, so this form of submission is at the sole risk of the sender if for any reason, the package did not culminate in these services in a timely manner.

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'safety and certification required by law to managerial excellence'

Milan, May 26 (Adnkronos) - Around 900 thousand each year, accidents at work in Italy, of which more than one thousand fatalities. And 'from this game as the reflection of the conference' Security and certification required by law to managerial excellence 'Certiquality organized today by the Institute of Quality Assurance', in which were detailed aspects of risk management of 'business resulting from occupational safety to environmental protection so' as to quality 'business processes.

''Today, companies-said Giordano Righini, President Certiquality-they operate in a legal and regulatory environment is much more 'complex than it was in the past. Management systems are a tool to control the risks of business management. Are now very popular in Italy (over 120,000 ISO 9001), but much remains to be done especially in terms of safety and health in the workplace (1,500 OHSAS 18001) and environment (13,000 ISO 14001).''

In industries that adopt this model breaks down the frequency rate of accidents. E 'and what' was highlighted by Dr. Anthony Terracina Inail, who explained the benefits of proper risk management. In companies with Safety Management System OHSAS 18001 certificate is recorded a reduction in the frequency of accidents by 15.4% and a 22% reduction in the severity '. During the morning Certiquality awarded 43 organizations small, medium and large size of the various sectors of the economy, which have successfully integrated and certified for Quality Management Systems', Environment and Safety with the delivery of the Certificate Excellence.

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Published The new standard SA 8000 Last

It was published a new review of the SA8000, which regulates the implementation of Management Systems for Social Responsibility.

As for the ISO 9001:2008 Standard, revised and published in the month of November last year, even in this case the review does not contain any new requirements or additional requirements, but is embodied in some clarifications are necessary in order to avoid differences in interpretation were found.

For more information and to find the tense (in Italian) of the SA8000: 2008, please consult the website of the SAI - Social Accountability International - at www.sa-intl.org .

Do I Have Scabies Or Fleas

funding for certification

Financing for hotels in Umbria
ISO 9001, ISO 14001, SA 8000, BS OHSAS 18001, ISO / IEC 27001
The call of the Umbria region is intended to support the high standards of quality hotels Umbria. The ban affects the small / medium business licensees on the conduct of municipal hotel (LR n. 18 of 27/12/2006) operating throughout the region.
Among the eligible expenses are the costs of activities aimed at obtaining certifications of Business Management Systems (ISO 9001:2000, ISO 14001, SA 8000, Ecolabel, BS OHSAS 180001, ISO / IEC 27001), and the costs training courses for a minimum of 20 hours and for at least 2 units for each company (one of which the holder or the Director).
Deadline: May 11, 2009

The Chamber of Commerce has issued a call do Livorno Funding for the following certification:
- OHSAS 18001 management systems and security;
- ECOLABEL TOURISM environmental certification;
- ISO 22000:2005 Food Safety Management Systems;
- UNI 11020 and UNI 10939 traceability of food products companies;
- BRC and IFS: certified food industry suppliers who produce private label;
- UNI EN ISO 14001:2004 environmental management systems EMAS II;
- UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 quality management systems,
- CE machines and products construction and medical devices;
- SA 8000 certification business ethics;
- SC CSR-Corporate Social Responsibility issued by the Ministry of Labour;
- UNI EN ISO 17025 management system for clinical laboratories.
The facility consists of a contribution of:
- 50% of actual costs incurred for the certificates / certifications provided for in paragraph 1, up to a maximum of 2,500 euro:
- 50% of actual costs incurred for the certification SOA in paragraph 2, up to a maximum of 2,000 €.
Applications, which must refer to certificates obtained in the year 2009, must be received by July 31, 2009 regarding the certificates obtained in the first half of the year (thus, the certificate must be issued by June 30 2009) and by 31 January 2010 to those obtained in During the second half of 2009 (so the certificate must be issued no later than December 31, 2009).
Applications may be submitted by hand or sent by registered mail at:
Chamber of Commerce of Livorno
Piazza del Municipio, 48 57123 Livorno

The Chamber of Commerce of Avellino, in order to promote the implementation of measures corporate guarantee of food safety, has issued a call for funding to the micro, small and medium enterprises in the province, who receive certification according to the following standards:
1. UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 (certified quality management system);
2. UNI EN ISO 14001:2004 (certification the environmental management system);
3. OHSAS 18001:2007 (certification of management system for safety and health at the workplace);
4. UNI 22005:2008 (certification system of traceability in the food chain);
5. SA 8000 (certification of corporate social responsibility);
6. Registration EMAS II (provided by EC Regulation No 761 of 03.19.2001, on the voluntary organizations in a Community eco-management and audit EMAS);
are entitled to the benefits of the notice the small and medium-sized companies located registered and operating in the province of Avellino.
Certification must be obtained for the first time. The contribution
Chambers is equal to 50% of the costs incurred, up to a maximum of:
- $ 2,000 for the ISO 9001:2008, OHSAS 18001:2007 and AS 8000;
- Euro 3,000 for the UNI 22005:2008 and ISO 14001: 2004;
- Euro 5,000 for the entry EMAS II.
Requests for assistance must be submitted from March 2, 2009 and until September 30, 2009, at the following address:
Chamber of Commerce of Avellino
Piazza Duomo, 83100 Avellino 5

or by certified electronic mail (PEC) in form of digitally signed electronic document to the following address: areaimpresa@av.legalmail.camcom.it.

Liguria Region, within the ROP for 2007-2013 - Axis I 'Innovation and Competitiveness ", Action 1.2.5" advanced services to businesses, "issued a call for funding to support enterprises in the acquisition of skilled services.
can apply for assistance from small and medium enterprises engaged directly the production of goods and / or services, individuals and associations, including cooperatives, that:
- have interest in the project business unit located in the territory of the Region of Liguria;
- are entered in the register of companies and activities at the time of submission of the application.
Projects should be of interest to operational facilities located in the Region of Liguria, which are properly registered with the Chamber of Commerce.
Among the eligible expenses are the support services organization, with regard to:
innovation and implementation of management systems aimed at environmental certification, process and product, social responsibility, to ensure the health and safety the workplace, including the costs of certification.
The facility shall be granted according to the measurements of the following:
- a grant equivalent to 50% of eligible expenditure and not contributing to a maximum of € 50,000;
- an alternative to grant the above a grant under the scheme "de minimis" to the extent of 50% of investment expenditure eligible under this announcement and in any case to a maximum of € 50,000.
Applications may be submitted by March 2 to September 30, 2009, by registered mail, addressed to:
Via Peschiera, 16 16122 Genova

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New funding quality certification for companies Puglia

Apulia Region goes back to the field to support the productive Regional and approves three new calls: 2 to complete the maneuver and a crisis that opens the second phase of counter-cyclical measures, dedicated to specific sectors attacked by the crisis.

Notices provide aid for:

Small and Micro enterprises: Develop an investment of about EUR 400 million, paying 100 million of public funds
Unions and Associations Guarantee Trust: provides loans to a billion euro through a guarantee fund of 50 million
Industrial areas: finance the infrastructure support of production plants to support the construction industry for which they were allocated 60 million euro of public funds.

The Department of Economic Development Region Puglia continues as crisis intervention in support of the economic fabric of Puglia already launched 14 November 2008 as part of the cyclical movement composed

2 de minimis Regulation "and" Start up to microenterprises and 7 band (Contracts Program, Integrated Programmes facilitation, Aid for Research for SMEs and three warnings for supporting internationalization activities of the Consortia, against usury).

The numbers of key regional actions in support of enterprise

Public funds allocated to March 2008: 210 million euro already earmarked
Public funds: 770,000 € 355milioni
Total public funds allocated: € 565 million 770mila
notices issued: 10
Regulations issued: 2 NEW CALLS

1. Aid to investment programs sponsored by Micro and Small Enterprises: the tender offers in the field handles about 100 million € 400 million investment in machinery or buildings. This is a interest subsidy: the Region of Puglia produces an amount equal to the interest that the company must pay to the bank to get a mortgage. The contribution (equivalent to interest) is paid in a lump sum advance to the company: this will cut down the interest on your mortgage and help with a one a de facto takes the form of grant capital. This type of facility already in use in the handicraft sector is also extended to commerce and industry. The application for relief may be filed by small businesses registered on the rolls, commercial retail sales area with no more than 600 square meters, e-commerce activities, companies not listed on the rolls in relation to activities engaged in manufacturing and construction sector. The initial investment must have a minimum amount equal to 30 thousand euro for the creation of a new production unit, expansion or modernization of existing production unit, the diversification of production, a fundamental change in the production process.

2. Contributions to the endowment funds of direct risks to the granting of guarantees for credit operations triggered by small and medium-sized member companies: the call is connected to the first, to support company to obtain the loan, a key condition for access to the incentive specified in the notice to Item 1. Funds of € 50 million loan that can turn $ 1 billion. Patients admitted to the facilities consortia consisting of small and medium enterprises based in Puglia, with over 3,000 members who have ongoing security operations exceeding 10 million euro are recipients of benefits in the form of guarantee that SMEs can apply for aid ( in the form of guarantees) for loans up to 1 million 500 thousand euro and up to 750 thousand euro if the company is active in the transport sector. The guarantee shall not exceed 80% of the loan granted to the company. Are eligible to secure financing to cover the cost of purchase of company land, building works, infrastructure, purchase equipment and programs computer purchase consulting services, costs related to the issue of certification of quality ethical, social and environmental.

3. Supporting infrastructure of manufacturing plants, with this announcement we land in Phase 2 of the maneuver and counter-cyclical funding relates to specific sectors, in this case construction. The resources are put in € 60 million to support the delivery of public infrastructure to service the production facilities (roads, lighting, sewage, energy networks, video surveillance, infrastructure, ICT, nurseries, day care centers for children, soup kitchens). This announcement follows the grant from CIPE for a further 60 million euro, allows the completion of many areas industrial and helps support the building industry in crisis. The beneficiaries are the local authorities and consortia of industrial development zones. The resources available are intended for mid to interventions in the existing areas, half in new areas. E 'A specific incentives for the "Environmental sustainability of the intervention," explained Angela Barbanente the Councillor for the Territory, "the rewarding regards the closure of the cycles of water and waste, the production of energy from renewable sources, the permeabilization of open space and a design suited to the characteristics of the intervention of the landscape context. Promote the development of ecologically and landscape equipped is a way to ensure that industrial areas are inexorably sources of environmental pollution and landscape detractors. "Also in this way you can get benefits for economies and enterprises established (eg, reducing operating costs through the joint management of issues and ability to use common services).

Vice President and Deputy Mayor for Economic Development Sandy Frisullo said: "Small businesses and small size are the broader fabric of regional productivity. Infocamere According to data for 2008 are around 341,552 and constitute 99.68% of companies now active in Puglia. So we've activated immediately notices that new facilitate investment for these companies. Today's Apulian entrepreneurs have at their disposal for the first time all 10 open invitations. It had never happened before. This means ten investment opportunities for our companies. Within a month you get the most anticipated announcement, the one for the start-up that will allow a very wide range of people in a state of weakness, to open his own business. "