Sunday, January 30, 2011

What Kind Of Clothes Do Bodybuilders Wear

first goal Pazzini inside: video

is the First video of the goal from inside Pazzini:

Here's the video of the second goal by Pazzini inside (2.12 minutes):

click here to see the second goal

Monday, January 10, 2011

Winsin Y Yandel Jackets

agreement between unions and supermarkets Unes

A model to be taken as an example for the whole region. And 'as resulting from the agreement between experimental narrow CGIL, CISL, UIL and Milan Unes Supermarkets under which the redundant workers will be allowed or are laid off to go shopping with discounts of 5%, and other promotions at some stores to teach Unes and U2.

The agreement applies only to common Paderno Dugnano, Settimo Milanese and Operations Phone, but if retailers and Lombardy Region commitments, it could extend this model to the whole of Lombardy and other retail chains .

I believe it is in Magnago U2 this, we could hear what you think.

Andrea Scampini

City Council Pd

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Can I Refinance Negative Equity 2010

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Before digital technology, producing pictures was a task that required three types of investment: first, the purchase of the photographic medium, which was a fixed cost and secondly, the constant expenditure of costs production, namely the purchase of rolls of film, developing and printing, and thirdly the cost of conservation and use. Today, however, the use of digital technology has drastically cut down all the costs of production. Thus, the (almost) complete absence of the economic burden necessary for the production of images, has led to a radical social attitude towards photography. This alleged reduction of production costs is caused by a number of factors:
  1. immediate display of the image. After each shooting digital, you can immediately see the result: This condition annuls, in fact, any margin of error because, in front of a photograph considered unsatisfactory, you can erase the image and repeat shooting . In terms of cost, this measure will prevent the unwanted photographs produced, and then prints unnecessary
  2. versatility of support. Magnetic cards, replacing the film, provide two advantages: first, undo the problem of capacity, as it is always possible, if the memory is full, scroll through your images and possibly eliminating some, or lower the image quality recovery and increase the space available virtually in addition, unlike film, memory cards can be reused almost infinitely.
  3. virtual existence of the images. The use of digital photographs can be obtained on any electronic media dedicated PC, TV, DVD players, electronic photo holder. If you are printing, despite the cost of a single digital photograph is currently slightly higher than that of analog photography, the ability to sample the best images, choosing only those that you plan to print , reduces costs considerably.
  4. lightweight archiving. The increase does not affect the image produced on a corrispetivo increase in storage costs. Store the image on Hard Drive no cost and no physical footprint, so you should not invest in photo albums.
  5. consultation and sharing. Through the use of software dedicated, the photographs are neatly stored, through user-defined criteria: in this way the consultation process is effective and accurate. Also, thanks to the versatility of computer language, photographs can be reproduced and shared at no cost, so even if the duplication does not affect the cost: in essence the same photograph can be distributed (via the Internet, electronic mail or magnetic media) to a virtually unlimited number of users without this increases the cost factor.
This shows how the tendency for the production of photographic material is in the age of digital technology, an entirely free from complications of managerial and economic development. In addition, growth factor production is due to the spread of video-photographic equipment also on different devices such as mobile phones or PCs, which makes it possible to always have a camera with her (though not exceptional performance and quality).

Well in short, the era of digital technology has eased some of our pockets and has disclosed the use of photography also means the less experienced.
And you? Do you love to photograph anything, thinking "so then blot photographs unnecessary "seize the moment or would you rather , capturing a moment with a single photo?