Wednesday, September 30, 2009

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September 2009 Contributions for certification in Friuli


LR No 30/1984, Art. 45


micro, small and medium-sized businesses headquartered in the region performing mining, processing or production of goods and construction, according to the classification ATECO 2002 sections C, D, E and F;
SMEs service, set up as companies with headquarters in the region, falling classes and categories listed in Annex A;
consortia activities and having offices in the region consist mostly of industrial SMEs with activities in the region.
Excludes industrial SMEs and their consortia operating in the fields of activities listed in Annex B and Annex C.

funded initiatives are funded the following initiatives:

a) application of methodologies for which provision is made for certification of compliance with European, national, such as:

environmental management system;
quality system
systems designed for one label product quality;
other systems;
b) acquisition services for the improvement of the organization and / or increased productivity in terms of:

strategic planning and corporate structure;
organization, finance and control;
review and certification of financial statements (limited to the first audited financial statements) ;
definition of information systems and information technology;
computer technologies and websites;
environmental issues;
feasibility of new investments;
technological innovation;
increase productivity through the introduction of methodologies and techniques for reducing the time and cost;
any other advice that contributes to business growth .
c) Implementing and strengthening of information systems (software) related to the acquisition of consulting services in letters a) and b).

Eligible expenses for initiatives planned to
a) and b) are eligible expenses related to advice given by someone outside the organization including those relating to business acquisition Certification by company notified or approved in accordance with national and European legislation.
For the initiatives referred to under c) are eligible for the cost of purchasing software directly related to the acquisition of consulting services.
Eligible expenses are linked to the certification of expenditure.

are eligible expenses incurred from the day following the date of application.

Type of contribution
capital contribution with the following intensity:

40% of eligible expenditure for the types referred to in subparagraph a).
20% eligible expenditure for the types referred to in subparagraph b).
15% for small companies and 7.5% for medium-sized enterprises of eligible expenditure for the types referred to in subparagraph c).
The maximum amount of the incentive is equal to € 65,000.00.

For the activity of certification of costs, incentives for capital equal to 50% of eligible expenditure shall be granted according to the rule de minimis (up to € 200,000.00 over three financial years).
incentives equal to or greater than € 31,000.00 may be paid in advance, to an extent not exceeding 40% of the amount paid upon presentation of proper bank guarantee or insurance policy for an amount equal to the sum to be paid.

Procedure Applications for access to the incentives must be submitted to the Chamber of Commerce.
Incentives are provided through the evaluation process to stop the chronological order of submission of applications.

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Funding from Livorno Chamber of Commerce for certification to EN 16001

in the granting of subsidies paid by the Chamber of Commerce of Livorno to the system of enterprises in the province, are the subject of financing the costs of obtaining different types of certifications by December 31, 2009, namely:

UNI EN ISO 22000:2005 - Management System for Safety Food
UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 - Quality Management Systems Standard
UNI 11020 and UNI 10939 - Traceability of food products for companies
UNI EN ISO 14001:2004 EMAS II - Environmental Management Systems
SA 8000 - Certification of business ethics
OHSAS 18001 - Management and Security

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