Monday, October 19, 2009

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Doc 10 for the safety of companies with fewer than 10 employees

E 'was published on the software DOC 10 gl to achieve the formalities required by Legislative Decree 81/08, for companies with fewer than 10 employees.

According to art. 29 paragraph 5 of Legislative Decree 81/08, these companies do not have to prepare the document for risk assessment but may adopt a self.
The formalities, however, are not finished with this application form. It takes a number of other documents to be in accordance with Legislative Decree 81/08. All these documents must be updated. DOC

With 10 you have three advantages:

1) can be achieved quickly - thanks to the pre-set models, the following documents:
_ self risk assessment appointment letter _
employer as
_ RSPP RSPP external appointment letter appointment letter assignment fire

_ _ _
primosoccorso letter post election report RLS
_ regular meeting minutes
All models can be exported to MS Word

2) you can manage the timing of all the requirements without making mistakes

3) you can identify all the necessary documents to self-presentation


Wednesday, October 14, 2009

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Online course New Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC

E 'was published the new online course The new machinery directive 2006/42/EC on the sites and

The course is available directly via the web is structured as follows:

_ The main changes introduced by the new Directive 2006/42/EC amcchine
_ The risk analysis, operating procedures - the UNI EN ISO 14121-1:2007, EN ISO 12100-1
_ The technical dossier under the new Machinery Directive
_ Manual and instructions for use, operational guidelines to implement them properly

mode of consultation of the course:
Once you receive the payment within 24 hours access codes to online course
The course is divided into individual lessons with handouts in pdf format and multimedia sessions.
After completing this course the user can access the assessment tests, after which receives a certificate of attendance valid for five years in order to review RSPP (4 hours).
The certificate is issued by ADL - Association union employers

platform e-learning training Edirama


Tuesday, October 6, 2009

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The technical standards of UNI

• Technical Standards UNI EN ISO 11681-1:2009
Forestry machinery - Requirements and security tests of portable chain saws - Part 1: Chain-saws for forest
• UNI EN ISO 22868:2009
Forestry machinery - Noise test code for portable hand with internal combustion engine - Engineering method (Grade precision 2) • UNI EN ISO 3450:2009

construction - Braking systems of rubber wheels on machines - Performance requirements and test methods
• UNI EN ISO 6682:2009
Earth-moving machinery - Zones of comfort and accessibility Command
• UNI EN ISO 7096:2009 Earth-moving machinery
- Laboratory evaluation of operator seat vibration
• UNI EN ISO 11681-2:2009
Forestry machinery - Safety requirements and testing of portable chain saws - Part 2: Chain-saws for pruning
• UNI EN ISO 21148:2009
Cosmetics - Microbiology - General instructions for microbiological analysis
• UNI EN ISO 18416:2009
Cosmetics - Microbiology - Research of Candida albicans
• UNI EN ISO 21149:2009
Cosmetics - Microbiology - Research and counts of mesophilic aerobic
• UNI EN ISO 21150:2009
Cosmetics - Microbiology - Research Escherichia coli
• UNI EN ISO 22717:2009
Cosmetics - Microbiology - Research of Pseudomonas aeruginosa
• UNI EN ISO 22718:2009
Cosmetics - Microbiology - Research of Staphylococcus aureus
• UNI EN ISO 659:2009
seeds and oleaginous fruits - Determination of oil content (Reference method
• UNI EN ISO 660:2009
animal and vegetable fats and oils - Determination of acid number and acidity
• UNI EN ISO 9902-1:2009
Textile machinery - Noise test code - Part 1: Common
• UNI EN ISO 9902-2:2009
Textile machinery - Noise test code - Part 2: preparatory machinery and spinning
• UNI EN ISO 9902-3:2009
Textile machinery - Noise test code - Part 3: Machinery for the production of nonwovens
• UNI EN ISO 9902-4:2009
Textile machinery - Noise test code - Part 4: Yarn processing machinery and the production of ropes and cordage
• UNI EN ISO 9902-5:2009
Textile machinery - Noise test code - Part 5: Weaving preparatory machinery and knitting
• UNI EN ISO 9902-6:2009
Textile machinery - Noise test code - Part 6: Fabric manufacturing machinery for
9902-7:2009 Textile machinery - Noise test code - Part 7: Machinery for dyeing and finishing
• UNI EN 15089:2009
Systems decoupling
• UNI EN 791:2009
drilling machines - Security
• UNI EN 13985:2009
Machine tools - Safety - Guillotine shears
• UNI EN 13898:2009
Machine tools - Safety - Sawing machines for cutting cold metal
• UNI EN 13355:2009
Coating plants - Combined booths - Safety requirements
• UNI EN 12981:2009
Coating plants - Spray booths for application of powder coatings - Safety requirements • UNI EN 13001-2:2009

Cranes - General design - Part 2: Shares of loads