Wednesday, August 25, 2010

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Italy waste

Increasingly often we see raised by the mayors of shields, when the central government cut transfers and our mayors are complaining of not being able, in the face of continued cuts to provide its citizens with a good level of government.

a closer look, however, sifting through the municipal budgets, it would seem that there is always money for sports and feasts and festivals initiatives.

start with the money distributed by the municipalities, as well as provinces and regions, sport: according to an estimate of the Sun 24 hours, the public authorities to sponsor sports teams would spend € 12 million taxpayers. Let's see some cases: the Province of Varese in Varese Basketball gives € 50,000, the town of Busto Arsizio 6025 € for the Volley Busto A., Regione Piemonte € 200,000 for the volleyball team Asystel Novara, not to mention the 2.4 million euro paid in recent years, namely from June 2005 to December 2008, the company by the city of Livorno Livorno Basket Ltd., and unfortunately it came back just € 83,000, after mass in liquidation.

I said at the beginning, that the municipalities are always resources for sport and for festivals and village initiatives.

How much they cost these festivals? According to estimates based, we are talking about € 80 million to fund the festivals around the boot.

Some examples: the city of Bolzano has financed the film festival porn with 7,000 €, the City of Oreno, in prov. Milan, has paid € 10,000 for the Potato Festival, Rome € 15,000 for a medieval fair and 60,000 euro for a company responsible for organizing the exhibition "Premio Fabrizio De Andrè. A Monopoly € 41 000 are over the festival of Our Lady of Madia.

All parties sacrosanct, but because they have to pay local authorities, despite any crisis?

Andrea Scampini - City Council Pd

Monday, August 16, 2010

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Assoedilizia: "Coupon dry even on the shops'

The coupon dry rents, ie, the fixed 20% tax on rent, does not exhaust the problem house in Italy, according to the analysis of Assoedilizia, the association of property owners.
The coupon should not be introduced only for the apartments, but also for the rents of shops, offices and shops and the different uses from the house.
The coupon on the one hand, it should reduce the tax burden on individuals that the letting houses to encourage the emergence of the submerged and the mobilization of municipalities in the fight against tax evasion in the sector.

Another question: the coupon does not apply to corporate income tax, but only to the income of individuals, this can be a deterrent to promote investment in rental housing.

Andrea Scampini - City Council Pd

Thursday, August 12, 2010

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Confapi: the crisis is not over

Valvason Stefano, director general of Confapi says that small and medium-sized enterprises raise their heads from the crisis, but do not consider over yet. "We appreciate the grace of the Lombardy Region, says Valvason-suspending the debts of firms with banks. The problem is-still-Valvason that all companies that have benefited see the moratorium expire on completion of twelve months and are forced to pay rate when they are not yet able to do so.

The recovery is starting right now, but not for everyone. We ask to have another six months to September of suspension in order to reach a height of eighteen-month moratorium. The recovery is patchy, it is not for everyone. There are areas Valvason-ends-they are taking, especially for companies working with foreign markets and with the EU, because they have to pull the non-EU countries. Those who work directly or induced with countries outside the EU can count on more orders.

and employment?

been made somersaults Valvason-says-not to leave home because nobody does it mean for a small lose a wealth of knowledge and experience not easily replaceable. For this reason there has been a great use of ordinary and layoffs notwithstanding. In September, concluded Valvason-we expect the layoffs extraordinary for many is the only way to prevent mobility.

Andrea Scampini - Councillor PD

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Fiscal Federalism

"Fiscal Federalism: the magic word that positive steps behind and shared, it seems, however, contracted to a single political movement (the Northern League), which affects their activity Government and the country's future. Each entry is dissonant or critically moderate accused with contempt (Bossi speaks with his usual class of so Famiglia Cristiana: "Dumb and ignorant," General laughter and applause). Poor Italy. To help you get the idea, however, leave aside prejudices and let us help with documents. There enclose three interesting:

1. Note the ANCI (Association of Italian Municipalities) on financial and operating municipal powers (in particular, on streamlining the costs of personnel, the Stability Pact 14 and the establishment of the Council Tax Municipal Art. 18 )

2. A draft of the text on Fiscal Federalism Municipal, which provides for the establishment and the municipal tax on rents coupon dry (a first step of good will, according to President ANCI Chiamparino)

3. "famous" Famiglia Cristiana article I speak of above.

I think that even at Magnolia and Bien, the recovery of administrative activity in September, will address the issue and applied to all aspects of our reality, not hide the difficulties but we find a solution. We will have more money to spend? Municipalities virtuous will be rewarded? The schools will resume with more serenity? Nursery And how are you? "

Download the text of the movement on June 4
Download the text of the decree on fiscal federalism, municipal
Download the article in "Famiglia Cristiana" of 08.11.2010

Councillor PD-Magnago Gigi Pariani

Sunday, August 8, 2010

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collection: new ideas for better results

We're almost at 60% collection Magnago you can confirm "Common riciclone" with 59.5% of waste collection and an index of good management 60 %.

Magnago collected in 2002 in a differentiated 1,590,540 against 1,662,296 pounds of waste of waste collected separately and in 2009 the share differential has increased to 2,115,507 kg against a quota of 1,424,550 kg undifferentiated

Good, as I said earlier, the index of good governance, which takes into account not only collection rate, including the reduction of the total quantity of waste, safety and efficacy of the disposal service.

The merit of these results is the public, which, as argued for some time now since 2007, should always be encouraged by the administration with theme nights on the benefits of recycling. It would be desirable that our schools are involved in this regard.

So far the Administration has not promoted initiatives.
I think that these values \u200b\u200bcan safely be increased, let us not forget that there are, especially in Veneto, in common with our own people who come to 80% recycling, with rates above 80% good management.

If we believe we can do!

Andrea Scampini - City Council Pd