Wednesday, July 28, 2010

How Long Do Fraternity Initiation Ceremonies Last

House of bats - bat boxes

House of bats - bat boxes

E 'came the long awaited bat boxes, namely the house of bats.
It was in its construction program, but the lack of time and want to buy it ... we led by a man in Bergamo that builds by hand.

Now the position, but we were given un'accortezza / suggestion from a friend.
The part with the slit entrance should face south, to avoid the cold wind from the north to enter (in this case, the bats moved house, do not support drafts.) We will let you know if they enter ...

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Expensive Home Stereo

Local Taxes, Lombardia top

are the Lombard to pay more local taxes in Italy, within the ordinary statute regions. If we take as a reference to 2008 data, we can see the € 2697 paid on average per year from the Lombard citizens against the Italian average of € 2364.

Among the northern regions, Emilia Romagna € 2541, € 2438 Piedmont, Veneto 2257, lagging behind Campania with 1657 €.

Campania stands, however, for the transfer by the state to finance current expenditure in the region, 1353 € per citizen, compared to € 175 per person for Lombardy, the average transfers to the regions of ordinary is € 331.

Returning to local taxes, the ICI on the second house is very salty to the Ligurian if the national average municipal property tax is 170 euro per capita, the Ligurian they pay 243 per head. With regard to the waste collection fee, the bells are to pay € 128 more per capita per year, compared to € 24 per capita years of the Veneto.

Andrea Scampini - Councillor PD

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Got A Pink Summons What Can I Expect In Queens

News of the common themes of summer 2010

Filed Plan of territorial government, the two issues that are holding the bench in this hot summer is the Urban Traffic Plan, which has been briefly presented in the Technical Commission, of which, however, as often happens, we are not despite repeated requests, in possession of any document.

From what little we have will be reviewed to understand the routes of bus used by our students, we are talking about a one-way street on Cadorna-diaz, that is the road linking Magnolia and Bien, with bike, you are not yet well understood how the roads will be redesigned of the parade and St. Michael, is discussed via Lambruschini then reopen, the route of the elementary schools in Magnolia. Will then be extended on the way towards the cemetery in Via Vittorio Veneto, in practice it can no longer enter the former monument to fallen Bienate.

Another theme summer, as I said earlier, is the Budget Law Decree 78/2010: we do not expect anything good!

will be affected the cost of politics by the transformation of the attendance of councilors in allowance of all-encompassing, a sort of annual fixed, no longer tied to participation in municipal councils Board committees and individual directors.

Furthermore, the allowance will be reduced aldermen and mayor, for a period not exceeding 3 years, 3% of the maximum allowance.

Crackdown also on studies and consultancies, less than 80% of expenditure in 2009 to € 1428 for 2011 Magnolia, our only advice the law firm Menzani, about € 7,000 per year.

Purchase and auto maintenance, including fuel purchase, minus 20% of 2009 spending, excluding car local police and civil protection.

reduction in staff costs, including contracts, fixed-dose, jobs, education jobs, casual work. We trust in the good health of our employees, otherwise it will be hard to replace them even for short periods.

will cut the transfer of the state including the contribution Ici first home, to cut Magnago € 2011 170.000, 2012 284.000 €, € 170,000 is cutting 13% of State funding allocated to the Magnolia 2010, ie € 1.3 million.

And if a municipality could think of splafonare from the Stability Pact? Well, the State will reduce its contribution to the municipality for the same amount of splafonamento share.

The Finance Committee will redraw after the summer recess in mid-September.

Andrea Scampini - City Council Pd

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Welcome For A Church Anniversary

Fiat - Pomigliano: we already forgotten? Controversy

were the lights of the news story that contrasts with the leadership of Fiat FIOM-CGIL delegates about the new contract for workers Pomigliano d'Arco.

If you want to get an idea of \u200b\u200bthe question, you can read the text of the Agreement (without signing FIOM-CGIL) and the letter of the Polish workers on their experience of managing Marchionne. In addition, we offer a story unofficial (but real) of another factory now abandoned: the glorious Alfa Romeo in Arese, the jewel of entrepreneurship Lombard, victim of a disastrous experience Fiat

Gigi Pariani - Councillor PD

Download the text of the Fiat (pdf)
Download the letter of the workers at the Fiat factory in Tychy addressed to the Italian colleagues (pdf)
Download the history of the glorious Alfa Romeo - seen by workers (pdf)

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Artistry Bridal Collection

League-PDL on regional funds Liberation Communion

the controversy triggered by the League continues on funding for the Meeting in Rimini, around 234 000 €, of which 168 000 for the pavilion of 300 square meters and advertising in the catalog, the rest of the funds for promotional activities of the civil service and regional rail service, the links to the new Malpensa races of the railway.

Men want a clarification of the Vice Gibelli political attack on neo Orsatti Council of the League: "In a time of grave economic crisis, it is desirable that the walkway Agostini Rimini is not funded so generous with taxpayers' money Lombard "For
Orsatti Maullu reply, Councillor PDL trade:" The Meeting is an international event that has a huge return in terms of communication. I say that I am not a CL!

Rimini promoting institutional contact is with a very low cost. In times of crisis, they organize events like this just to maintain market share.

Andrea Scampini - Councillor PD

Whats This Lotiony White Discharge?

an incinerator in Milan: the policy has the duty to decide

Walter Galbraith, secretary of Uil Milan and Lombardy, Milan is concerned that aired an unedifying spectacle for the new incinerator. The new plant with a disposal capacity of approximately 400 million tons will not only bring the system towards local self-sufficiency but, having spare capacity, would also ensure an integrated waste management in a regional network by securing the Lombardy in a state of emergency. In this context, however, should be to grow the collection that would decrease from 46.7% to 52.7%.

Galbraith calls for the environmental safeguards with the use best available technology for the recovery of energy and materials, modern district heating system and control of atmospheric emissions. Should proceed according to the rules: there is a provincial waste plan, adopted in 2008 and there is a proposal to the region of the AMS, which through the conference services must make a decision no later than the spring of 2011, if you want have the implant in the first half of 2014.

There is always some election date in sight and the next year to elect the mayor of Milan. The danger of postponing difficult choices to take risks is not lurking!

Andrea Scampini - City Council Pd