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Train timetable PDF 2011 Besana Molteno via Lecco - Milano

Thanks to this invaluable site: site / monzamobilita / train that contains all means of transport of Monza and nearby, we have the PDF of

train schedules, effective from 12/12/2010 to trafficking via Besana Molteno-Lecco Milan. Click here to download pdf. (Print Version)

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PDF 2011 Carnate Train timetables - Train timetable PDF

Thanks to this invaluable site:

that contains all means of transport of Monza and nearby, we have the PDF of

train schedules, effective from 12/12/2010 for handling meat and Milan. Click here to download pdf. (Print Version)


What Does It Mean When A Woman Makes A Piece Sign

Milan Monza 2011 - Monza Suburb - Milan

Thanks to this invaluable site:

that contains all transport of Monza and nearby, we have the PDF of train times, in force since 12/12/2010 is for Monza and Milan. Click here to download pdf. (Print Version)

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Pdf Train timetable TILO 2011 Milan-Como-Chiasso-Lugano-Bellinzona-Zurich

Thanks to a site very updated by Tilo, we have in pdf possiblilità train schedules, 2011, for lines S10-S11 TILO Milano-Como-Chiasso-Lugano-Bellinzona-Zurich

Download times in 2011 pdf (valid from 12.12.2010) TILO lines (Milan-Como-Chiasso-Lugano-Bellinzona-Zurich, click here

Download times lines S10 - S11 from Milan to Bellinzona-Locarno, click here.

Download times lines S10 - S11 in Milan to Bellinzona-Locarno, click here.

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Rejoicing Eto'o - Materazzi: meaning

sull'esultanza The mystery of Eto'o and the Cameroonian Materazzi after the score, the scene is taken from famous film "The coach in football, and play the legendary striker Eto'o Socrates. Both players deny or confirm: that is to hide the fact that Benitez is compared to Lino Banfi??

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Red Spot With White Middle On Bottom Lip

It 's the first time you are abroad for so long. Although I find London a wonderful city, the distance begins to be felt.
Italy, as that I am missing only the supermarket, stracchino nanni's grandfather and a real pizza. I certainly do not miss the government [again], reform education, communication laziness, weakness of the initiative, the majority of ignorance. I do not miss Italy and even Italians [also because London is full of them].

The distance, however you feel, positive or negative. The downside is that to put it to good "I miss my mother." And what this means for mother's family in your life. I'm not a person of habit is just that sometimes since I'm here, there is insufficient space, my space. You're just always and never are not alone, but often your living space is invaded. Bustle, time running from paranoia [that never fail me], the people themselves, and this happens particularly in Oxford Street.
This city is on the other hand I am a bit 'teaching splash, do not be ashamed to find myself, to erase those things about me that are heavy and sterile and prevent me from growing, and while this happens I try to help me feel at 'height, in my small.
But here there is no family, ever. And if your family calls you, you need a euro to respond. The affection is charged: an installment on your phone bill.
Take a trip like this is a journey inside themselves and do not think you need, not in a moment so real in my life. But I realize now that it probably needs more, not if they can never escape.
Loneliness is the only place where they are at ease in general. But now the solitude weighs on me, but it is only because it has become too crowded. In solitude there is this new me. And as ever with this experience I could know her better, I'm sure most of every moment.

E 'random: Everything. There seems to be nothing concrete, it's like to live in a state of catharsis where nothing makes sense but Everything is extremely important.
What you would need is to stay two minutes to my home in my bed, staring at the ceiling and then come back here. It would be like polishing the glasses through which I see now slightly tarnished. I will not go away, for no reason. But often, especially at night, I wonder the meaning of all this, and although rationally know him very well, I'm afraid of not being able to feel deeply my own.

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Piazza San Michele, Piazza d'Armi: The Neverending Story

The two main squares in the center of Magnolia cry out for vengeance, three years after they complete rehabilitation show more defects. Citizens complain about the continued closure for repairs, especially on Tuesday, someone complains that this porphyry is dangerous for the transit of bicycles.

E 'for some time that I say: this porphyry is suitable for pedestrian traffic, or at most very limited, but that happens There sfreccino powerful cars and vans, trucks pass over it a few times, found accidentally in the streets, having lost. What solution, then? First of all, wait for the end of the case pending with the company carrying, then have the courage to pave the driveway area. We'll see how it will end


Andrea Scampini - Councillor PD

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Cruising Spots West Hollywood

Gustav Klimt

Gustav Klimt was born July 14, 1862 in Baumgarten, a suburb of Vienna. The son of a goldsmith and engraver of a small Viennese social conditions, in 1876 he enrolled at the school of arts and crafts of the Austrian Museum for Art and Industry. Klimt began his career as an official artist, creating decorative paintings of various public buildings.

In 1897, Klimt was a founder and first president of Wiener Secession (Vienna Secession), becoming, thus, the symbolic representative of the Austrian Art Nouveau.
Between 1905 and 1909, Klimt created the precious mosaic for the dining room of the Stoclet Palace in Brussels, his most famous work.
Gustav Klimt
The wait, especially
Cartoons for the Stoclet frieze
Klimt, using decorative innovations 's Art Nouveau, a movement mainly related to the applied arts, which became the largest representative in the field of painting, he developed a style inspired by rich and complex, often, the composition of the Byzantine mosaics, who studied in Ravenna. The contact with the Byzantine mosaics Klimt door to discover the value and brightness. In introducing the works' use of gold looking for a new balance between the sensuality of the female figure and the preciousness of the decorative motif. This is called the period "golden" (1905-09).
Far from the current state of the art of painting of the period and in contact with the most innovative aspects of architecture and design of the twentieth century, Klimt was a supporter of young artists, including Oskar Kokoschka and Egon Schiele .

In his work, opposed to conservative ideas, overcoming barriers and prohibitions and creating erotic paintings and symbols that represent the dreams, hopes, fears and passions.
The ideal of beauty for Klimt was the young woman, erotic and seductive to humans, but denoted, especially in the drawings, melancholy and loneliness.
He also painted landscapes, of particular value that achieved in the last part of its business.
died February 6, 1918, following a stroke.

"The Kiss" is an oil painting on canvas made in 1907-08, inspired by the Art Nouveau style, with gold decoration and mosaics in the background. The kiss is the culmination of the "golden age" and is a synthesis of art and cultural world of Gustav Klimt. There is the culture of Vienna and the school of Freud with his sexual symbolism, evident in the dress of man rectangles and circles drawn on the woman, there is love for the beauty, gold, magnificence of Vienna of Franz Joseph, that surrounds the characters, there is the strength of feeling of the Viennese Secession in the lines of the faces, pale in the incarnate of the woman.
The woman's face is enclosed in the hands of a male who has the arm of the female neck.
Klimt has dressed his characters with a long tunic, that allows you to pack them in single intimacy that leaves uncovered only the arms, face and knee of the woman giving the impression of nudity and simplicity of passion. The feelings are at once authentic and individual but conforming to the roles: the sense of total abandonment and dedication Women's bent towards the man, represented leaning forward in an attitude of tenderness and force protection against those who abandon themselves totally to him.

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Play Pinochle Online Single Deck Online

goalunited Youth Spring Tips

goalunited The youth are a real financial resource, as well as in times of great players. If it leaves a player up from 2.4, you must do so immediately become unmovable, workout on its winning features.

But let's step by step:
1) hire a coach spring of 50, and then send him to do the courses and achieve at least 80 (so doing, every week, numerino discovered may rise by up to 2. Let's find the first 15 days of shooting, can also get a workout in 30 8-9 weeks later).
2) licenses (1 per day), all players who have not taken 100 as the vote: for example, in this team, laid off all but 3 and 13.

3) To train the players in the characteristic findings, but most of all the features of training appropriate to role (eg shooting and technique for a striker)

4) If you find all the values \u200b\u200bof the player, not just promovuetelo : eg if you have technique and 10 of 24 shooting, hide at least 3-4 Sometimes the technique, hoping that there is a 20 (often growing). Ditto for the features. If the player is average (the average value of properties around the 10), promote them and sell them in a few weeks, so as to raise the money to reinvest in other children.

Example: I found this player at 18, now promoted and unmovable even though it was a 2.0. Always trained 5 shooting and 5 of technique (often) in the first team, here are the results:

starting values: 8 2 3 6 9 3 12 19 31
Force: 2.0
1.3 million in value.

now 57 and 97 shooting technique!

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When Scorpio Gf Ignores

D Leaves' Fall

I blend head for a tune " the falling leaves drift by the window at the autumn leaves red and gold .... sung by Edith Piaf in 1950, with verses in English and French. Originally, the song comes with lyrics in French and is titled "Les Feuilles Morts " and is inserted into the film "Les Portes de la Nuit." It is then adapted in English, entitled "Autumn Leaves " and sung by Jo Stafford in 1957.

version of Edith Piaf combines both versions, has a warm and deep.
Memories of a summer passion over, autumn leaves room for a fact of falling leaves and sweet memories of images and carefree.
The melody is soft and enveloping, with shades of melancholy, but light. makes me think of the heavenly because of the sensitivity that emanates. Do you agree?
What do you suggests?

My Dog Broke A Front Tooth

Calculate Cost INPS

You want to compute What does it cost to redeem the INPS years of university? Here is an excel file that enables you to make a rough calculation of the money you pay to the INPS.

Click here to download the file that calculates the cost of redemption of years of university

Here is some information about it: (source Cavallari )

redemption request: may be made even before the of work
Instalment: allowed up to a maximum of 10 years, without interest
EFFECTIVENESS OF YEARS OF UNIVERSITY 'Redemption: Full computability for dell'anzianitàrichiesta for retirement contributions
TAX BENEFITS TO THE RESCUE: In the case of individuals with no taxable income the cost of redemption can be deducted (to the extent of 19%) the tax payable by the parent

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Mario Giacomelli - 'Death will come and will have your eyes' magic begins

Mario Giacomelli is one of the greatest Italian photographers, was born in Senigallia on 1 August 1925. He began in 1938 to work as an apprentice at the Printing Marche. Arises the interest in art and the first pictorial evidence. He died in 2000.

Photography Technique
Giacomelli photographic techniques used when strangers not to hide or set aside the reality, but to transform it because its purpose was to provide a representation of reality as it appears his eyes, leaving a trail of reality that must be encoded by the user.

Giacomelli already knows, before you shoot, what to save and delete what is currently being shot that development. This photographic approach lies in the thematic index in which each revision of intervention does not destroy the essence of if this picture will always be an index, not fully supported.

He says he wants to make what they feel inside when rather than what he saw, so is the interpreter of his time, simply bring in significant elements of reality, they deserve to be told, leaving the elements same can be seen for what they are.

''Death will come and will your eyes''
From 1966-1968, the production will '' death and will have your eyes''is the photographic vision of Cesare Pavese pictures taken to the limit of abstraction, the meat is "burned" by the flash and wrinkles are the same face of the earth, the images are rarefied pervaded by a profound lyricism Licinius.
"It is not easy to photograph the life of hospice ... That mother expected her son for three years and takes my hand when I bring the sweets to see her happy for a moment and says the child has much to do that can not be ... I'm going to find my inner need for a hospice. In some pictures I took with the white matter, removing the special destroy reality, warping, remove the blur too true to remove the poem. I did not make pretty pictures, I just hid in a place that others call home for me and that was a big mirror that allows you to look inside ... I felt then that my fears were not invented things but things that I already lived and of which I was a prisoner. "

How would you describe this production photo Giacomelli? What color do you go through your mind? as the Black Death? Green as a hope that can get there white as a sheet blank or reflects 'nothing'? It is up to you to decide!

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Degree Buy New Train Timetable December 2010

Trenitalia has announced 'issuance of the new winter timetable, valid from December 12, 2010. Have been pre-announced several innovations on the Milan-Rome, especially on Frecciarossa. For example, it introduced a new train service, no stops, which should reduce the threshold of 3 hours for the Milan-Rome.
A quick update on post enclosing a draft of the new timetables in pdf of the Lombardy region.

Here, the news that will be introduced with the new time of
regional rail service will come into force on 12 December. "As I got to say - is the
comment by the Directorate of Infrastructure and Mobility of the Lombardy Region Raffaele Cattaneo - do not want to abandon the commuters, but their efforts to ensure adequate services, albeit at a difficult time."
CONNECTION Milan-Malpensa
The connection is secured by four trains per hour throughout the day. From Milan Malpensa to Central
51 new rides with stops Porta Garibaldi and Bovisa: rides starting in the '55 minutes do not make other stops, races start at '25 minutes making other stops in between. "As announced earlier this year - said Cattaneo - we have maintained a commitment to strong links with the airport from Milano Centrale railway station and Milan Porta Garibaldi. The goal is to improve accessibility and to Malpensa from today the entire rail network communicates with the port. " Speeding 54-Malpensa Milan Cadorna ran non-stop for the airport in 29 minutes, 25 runs with stops Saronno and Busto FN (journey time 36 minutes) on December 12 will enter service on the route of the first two new trains Coradia.
line Milan-Cremona-Mantua
10 pairs of trips a day, once an hour during peak hours and every two hours with stops at the times of soft Mantua Piadena, Cremona, Ponte Adda Codogno, Lodi, Rogoredo Lambrate and Central time savings Journey From Milan to Cremona in 52 minutes Rogoredo in Milan and Mantua to Milan Rogoredo in 1 hour and 38, two more races between Milan and Mantua, a new race starting at 18.20 in Mantua from Milan Central Station and a new race coming at 10.50 from Mantua to Milan Centrale; better distribution of departures from Milano Centrale at 16:20 to 17:15 - 18:20 to 19:20 - 20.20; Increased stability of time, minimizing the number of crossings on the single track line and maximizing the number of operations in Cremona station.
COCOON, and Castelluccio Marcaria
peak hours are returned 9 stops trains from Milan and in the rest of the day, seven special trains are introduced "link" in exchange for an appropriate Piadena.
have re-train 2 stops to the Milan-Cremona-Mantua and 5 races have been established to provide dedicated bus link on Lodi.
LINE CODOGNO -Cremona-Mantua-Cremona Codogno
22 races and 29 races Piadena-Cremona-Mantua
All regional trains departing and arriving at Cremona with direct trains RE
Milan, to provide this service all stations These Cremona-Mantua-Cremona
New service Codogno interspersed with trains, which allows you to continue with the fast trains
Milan Milan-Piacenza. Between Cremona and Milan will be possible to travel
per hour: one hour with the direct and the next hour changing at Codogno.
new time of two trains in the morning (19 minutes);
Speeding up of 19 minutes of the 6:52 20420 Piacenza (with stops at San Stefano Lodi,
Casalpusterlengo, Lodi, Milan Rogoredo (7.37), and Porta Garibaldi Lambrate;
20422 Piacenza (7.12) makes all the stops to Lodi, then Milan Rogoredo (8.03), and Porta Garibaldi
Lambrate; new Milan-terminus Greek Pirelli once per hour;
4 new races reinforced by bus to / Codogno at Lodi with the trains S1,
to connect during the maintenance end of the line between 9 and 13, stations Codogno,
Casalpusterlengo Secugnago with Lodi and Milan. Further support courses at 14.25 on Lodi
Casalpusterlengo. PAVIA-LINE
new departure time of train for Codogno to 18.19 (instead of 18.10) to allow a better match
by train from Milan 20277.
Line Milan-Como-Chiasso
Extension to Lucerne race of Milano Centrale at 20:10 with arrival at Chiasso
20:56; New race S11 departing at 19:47 from Chiasso to Milan Porta Garibaldi (arrival at 20:52) to replace the stroke of 21:47, New evening trip to Bellinzona, departing at 23.10 from Milano Centrale made with new material Flirt TILO lines. The ride to Milano Centrale collects all the main matches with the most important domestic trains. The same model will be used to train departing from Chiasso at 8:06 and departing from Milano Centrale at 16.10.
Changes departure time for trains from Milano Centrale train
The 2144 (now starting at 8.05) anticipates the start of 15 minutes from Milan Centrale;
Trains in 2146 (now starting at 13.25 ) the 2148 (now departing at 15:25) and 2154 (starting at 21.25 today
) anticipate the departure of five minutes from Milano Centrale and maintain the new Rho Fair
The train 2150 (now departing at 17.25) postpones the departure of five minutes from Milan Centrale;
Changes arrival time for trains at Milan Central Station: Trains
2143 (now coming to 6.35), 2151 (now arriving at 16:55), 2153 (now arriving at 18:35
) and 2155 (now arriving at 20.35) postpone the arrival of five minutes to Milan Central and
stop making the new Rho Fair Grounds;
The 2149 train (arriving at 14:35 today) anticipates the arrival of five minutes in Milan Central.
E 'was shown at the Milano Centrale railway terminus midmorning;
2094 The train arrives in Milano Centrale at 10.35 (instead of in Milan Lambrate) 2095
The train leaves from Milano Centrale at 11.25 (instead of Lambrate) ;
advance of the arrival times of trains at Milan Central Station: 2104
arriving at 17.35 (instead of 17.40);
2108 arriving at 19.35 (instead of 19.40);
2110 arriving at 20.35 (instead of 20.40).
Trains 23075 and 23077 arriving at Treviglio at 6.20 and 6.50 change the last stop flights from Milan Certosa
(instead Bovisa Milan), making The new stop Villapizzone.
two new stops for the morning of Operations Phone Line trains leaving from Novara S6 in the direction of Milan Passante / Pioltello / Treviglio; 10657
The train departing from Novara to 7.19 for Treviglio ( Pta arrival in Milan Garibaldi
to 8.11) makes the stop at 9.05 am to 7:46 Pregnana;
The train departing from 10,661 to 8.19 for Nova Pioltello at 9:35 (arriving in Milan Garibaldi Pta
to 9.11) makes the stop at 8:46 Pregnana .
Restoring runs of the train instead of bus replacement with a saving of about 50 minutes journey;
From Gallarate Luino 10:08 to 9:13 (instead of 11);
From Gallarate to Luino at 13:52 to 14:47 (instead of 15:39);
New material on races Flirt
Luino From 8:52 to 9:47 Gallarate, Gallarate
From 19:08 to 18:13 for Luino (replacing the stroke of 15.13).
line Milan-Lecco-Sondrio
New Train Mountain

from 3 December to 27 February, every Friday, Saturday and Sunday, you can
reach the main ski resorts of Valtellina from London on a train and bus service which can associate the purchase of the ticket on favorable terms;
Hours: Friday
: Milano Centrale 18.40 - Tirano 21:20;
Saturday: Milan Central 6.02 - Tirano 8.35;
Saturday: Tirano 18:10 - 20:45 Milano Centrale;
Sunday: Milan Central 6.02 - Tirano 8.35;
Sunday: Tirano 17:24 - 20:08 Milano Centrale;
Stops: Central Milan, Monza, Lecco, Colico, Sondrio, Tirano;
Matches bus stations colic in Madesimo, Sondrio and Tirano Church Valmalenco
for Bormio Aprica.

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Get Rid Of Scorpio Man

Today December 8th wonder of the Christmas holiday spreads in thanks to the decoration of the 'Christmas tree ". Its birth can be traced back to many legends . For example, the story that tells of a poor woodcutter returning to that house on a cold Christmas night, was struck by a wonderful sight: lots of stars shining through the branches of a fir tree load snow. so fascinated that remains to explain to his wife and children what they had seen, decided to adorn the ' fir near his home, decorated with candles and festoons to play the stars and snow.

different the history of child who goes into the forest in search of a strain from burn in the fireplace and who finds herself alone in the woods, no longer able to find his way home . The child, in despair, find shelter under the branches of a fir tree. During of the night, the tree protects it from the cold with its branches. The morning after the villagers found the small, their eyes presents a marvelous sight: snow and ice forming on the branches of the fir tree various decorations. Since then, remember that episode, is used to decorate a fir as Christmas tree.

Another legend has as its protagonist San Bonifacio, speaking of the Druids Nativity, to convince them that the oak was a sacred tree, can kill one. This falling, crushes all the bushes, with the exception of a small fir . The saint, interpreting this as a miracle, call the tree Lived Tree of the Child Jesus. " Since then, to celebrate the birth of Christ, are decorated the firs. With Luther, the traditional decorations are also involved in the lights, to celebrate the splendor of the stars.

Despite the rich stories about the birth of the 'Christmas tree ", we find a factor common: magic and wonder in the face of an event that surprised and involved in this point of wanting to be remembered and repeated every year. It 's so that generation in generation now becomes a means of sharing. In my mind this day is surrounded by a color 'yellow gold ' : yellow for happiness and companionship, yellow like the lights, the tapes, which will begin today on our tree, making perceive smell in the air of celebration, joy and companionship. you what color associated with this day?

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Hyde Park Corner [

For two weeks after he arrived there was always a low temperature. Not too cold. Certainly not hot. Then on a Saturday afternoon on Oxford Street it's cold, and a few days after the snow.
Here, despite I deeply love the cold weather and I hate the sticky Mediterranean hatred in a maximum snow. Ice everywhere and the Thames frequent suicide attempts while I was on Waterloo Bridge to photograph the perfect matching of the London Eye to Westminster. Fortunately, the snow began to melt quickly, especially in areas of the center, where she had been totally removed. Then last Friday it rained and everything is dissolved.

London, not have to tell me, is a fast city, where everything moves fast, even tourists [except for some, they are usually Italian]. But there are oases, such as along the Thames where everything is more relaxed. The oasis is par excellence Hyde Park. I had promised myself that as soon as there was a flash of real sun, I was going to sit on park benches ever more enchanted to read a few pages of a book [English]. And so I did.

Clearly, even in Hyde Park is home to the occasion and was stuffed with attractions for children, German beer stalls, stalls Peruvian and so on. So we are back in the evening, with my classmates to have a snack and drink a beer.

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Where To Invest My Peso

The beauty of capturing a moment, turning it into memory ... how did the photography?

convention, you always start on the history of photography with the registration of patent Daguerre in 1839.
Fundamental to the location before the photo are Paolo Uccello, Piero della Francesca, Caravaggio, and the use of darkroom allowing you to draw the outline of the image with a pencil, by the reflection picture on the sheet.
In 1727 Johann Schultez can play a small image with the paper and silver nitrate.
The Canaletto predecessor of photography is to use the optical chamber and his attitude toward reality to tell, or looking to play in an objective manner the 'surrounding'.
In eighteenth century, says the technique of 'silhouette' or a black outline of the characters obtained through a special stain.
It is felt by all the artists and scientists need to record accurately the phenomena, so began a period of experimental artists to find a way to reproduce reality, many neighbors came to us with similar results, but only one, Daguerre, has seen the invention, giving his name.
Thomas Wedgwood tried to fix the images produced by camera obscura, but was unsuccessful, resulting only in photogravures, which then Niepce was able to fix an image captured from the truth.
Until that time the image was considered an icon, not an indication, a trace of something, but now we heard the need to stop, record and analyze objectively.
Since 1826 began the correspondence between Niepce and Daguerre in order to improve the gravure process. In 1837, Daguerre was able to play a still life in his studio. Since then everyone wanted a daguerreotype not a scientific-intellectual, but because a car was able to produce the reality. In 1939, Fox presented his system Tolbot negative-positive, which was completed in 1841 and called ' calotypes' .
Between 1844 and 1847 Blanquart Evrard managed to get more positive from a negative, but only on paper.
Express your opinions about photography, what photo for you? Here we talked about changes in its history that has suffered over time, but soon we will publish new posts!
I hope to have aroused interest in you readers!
man's desire is to know, analyze the nature and the whole of reality. How can we not consider CAMERA one of the most revolutionary man-made!

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Lapland: a journey in the country of Santa Claus

If you want to go see Santa Claus to personally deliver your letter, you can find it at Rovaniemi, Lapland immersed in a fairytale land where the aurora borealis shape the contours of a starry sky and magical.

missing a few weeks to Christmas, he will soon begin to think of the usual gifts, children are the first to rush to write letters and hope the hand over to their parents, some who know the exact address of the dear father!
Although not clearly defined its origin, we can say with certainty where to search his home on the world map. In Rovaniemi, the capital of Lapland, Santa Claus has chosen to dwell among fir trees and moose in the wild. Rovaniemi, the capital Lapland, Finland, is a city in the winter snow and polar lights. Everywhere in the country you have the opportunity to enjoy winter sports, so many in fact are the paths of ski trails, snowmobile or dog sled and reindeer. Rovaniemi is a journey between dream and reality, where the spirit of childish games and celebration pervades even the adults who are enraptured by the play of nature, between the play of light and atmosphere of the northern lights of the fairytale snow-covered woods.
not only Santa Claus! Each region of Finland has its own characteristics, from the wilderness of Lapland to the east up to the romantic lakes of the southern archipelagos and the original attractions of the capital, Helsinki. The aurora borealis, due to solar activity is visible during the winter months in the territories beyond the Arctic Circle , at night and clear skies. The best months to visit Lapland in winter size are February, March and April. In Lapland the average winter temperatures range from - 3 ° C - 15 ° C, however, a very dry climate and not wet, then you a pleasant stay during outdoor excursions.

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tastes and aromas of foreign cuisines

Food and wine is the most deep and real history of a country. Cook the typical dishes of a place not just to prepare a recipe, but it is the mastery of a new history and customs of a country, revealed through the food.
For this reason, one of the best ways to discover a region, is to know the traditional food and wine, so we can understand, the most secret and peculiar perspective, the age-old customs and preparations that are handed down from generation to generation.
Each town is characterized by traditional un'enogastronomia and now you can enjoy their courses in our peninsula of China of Japan and Thailand , thanks to the many restaurants located primarily in large cities.
Behind every preparation is contained a secular culture and tastes allow us to travel and discover a renewed country for centuries, but remained intact in the culinary arts.
Many ethnic dishes of food and wine in Italy, but more generally throughout the world, are better known and make known the nations they come from, including: the Egyptians rolls of African cuisine, the Chicken with Almonds for food and wine culture of China, Lime Chicken for Arabic cuisine, the and Vegetable Soup Pot for Greek cuisine, the sushi nori for Japanese cuisine, the Lamb & Rice Soup for Indian food and wine culture, the shrimp soup and Mushrooms for Thai food and wine, the Rice with Chicken for Mexican cuisine.
Each dish contains flavor and aroma typical of his land and why not even a color! Think of the Mexican rice with chicken . What color would you think? Of course, a warm color: yellow, orange, red. Yeah! Maybe it's the typical ingredients of the cuisine of this land, citrus fruits, spices, chili pepper (chili) peppers, tomatoes, pumpkin, prickly pear ...