Sunday, February 27, 2011

Is Mini Copper Reliable

Federalism: The municipal income tax consequences on additionality

Federalism has long been the workhorse Northern League, now seems in the pipeline, many northern communities, in fact, can not wait to be able to manage their own resources, while others, especially in the South, fear of losing state aid, with which they are spans for years. Let's see what are the main innovations: the Towns may establish or increase the municipal surcharge sull'Irpef. However, it can be established or increased only by 0.2% per year up to a maximum of 0.4%.

Municipalities also have a share in VAT. Will then be provided for a tax on tourism to tourist resorts and cities of art, in practice 5 € per night for a tourist tax to do this, set to undertake the building of essential public el'Imu, municipal tax, which will arrive in 2014. The rate is now set at 7.6 per thousand, and replace the income tax and related additional ICE. It will not be applied to the first houses.

Andrea Scampini - Councillor PD


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