Monday, March 7, 2011

Dogs Urethra Enlarged

Subscriptions Metro Rail (2010 income)

March 2011 -
are deductible expenses incurred for the purchase of subscriptions to local public transport, regional and interregional?? (That's Subscriptions train / metro 2010, 2011 income statement?)
The answer is unfortunately "NO"!
This year you can not download!

What's new in the 730-2011?
The main changes contained in the tax return model 730/2011 on income for the year 2010 are: 
the introduction of a coupon basis (substitute tax of 20 per cent) the lease of property for residential use located in
Province of L'Aquila (part B - column 8 of lines B1 to B8);
 the introduction of a tax credit provided as a result of restoration of advance payments on pension funds (panel G, G3 line);
 the introduction of a tax credit on mediation for reconciliation of civil and commercial disputes (Box G - G8 line);
 the extension of subsidy provided to the payments received for productivity growth, namely the imposition of a tax substitution
IRPEF and additional 10% within the limit € 6,000 gross (panel C - line C5);
 approved the extension of the deduction for personal safety in the sector, defense and rescue, determined by the withholding agent
a limit of € 149.5 (C Framework - line C14);
 extension of the deduction of 36% for the costs of building renovation (picture E - lines from E33 to E36), the extension of the deduction
 55% for expenditure on interventions aimed at energy saving in existing buildings (under
E - lines from E38 to E40);
 possible for employees to request reimbursement of the higher taxes paid in relation to amounts received in
years 2008 and 2009 for the achievement of elements of productivity and profitability for overtime or taxed
replacement in those years (panel F - F13 line).


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